French Philosophy and Social Theory

A Perspective for Ethics and Philosophy of Management

  • Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Part of the Ethical Economy book series (SEEP, volume 49)

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This book demonstrates how the conceptual resources of contemporary French philosophy from the early 20thCentury to the present day can be applied to give us new perspectives on business ethics and the ethics of organizations. In providing an overview of possible applications,the book covers a wide range of philosophers, philosophical movements and perspectives, and provides detailed analyses of core materials relevant to business ethics. It explores and analyzes French philosophy, taking into account phenomenology,existentialism, French epistemology, structuralism, post-structuralism,deconstruction and postmodernism as well as recent discussions of philosophy of organizations and management.

Each chapter contains suggestions for further reading and educational illustrations of possible applications to the mainstream business ethics and ethics of organization literature.


Bachelard and the Poetics of Organizations Bergson and the auto-poetic concept Business Ethics Business Ethics in Hypermodernity Canguilhem and Epistemology of Organizing Competencies and Global Views on Leadership Concepts of Business Ethics and Responsibility Criticism of Capitalist Globalization Derrida and The Deconstruction of CSR Durkheim and the Sociology of Morality Epistemology and Ontology of the Organizations Epistemology of Business Ethics Ethics of Organizations Foucault, Governance and Bio-Power French Philosophy and Business Ethics Institutional Theory Kojève and the Concept of Recognition Leadership, Power and Employees and Stakeholders Legitimacy, Business Ethics and Judgment Levi-Strauss and Organizational Structure Levinas and Ethics of the Infinite in Organizations Management Reflection and Reflectivity Merleau-Ponty and Institutionalism Morin and Complexity Management New Spirit of Capitalism Organization and Theory Phenomenology and Existentialism in Business Ethics Postmodern Condition of the Corporation Sartre and Dialectical Reason in Organizations Society of Hyperconsumption

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