Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures

  • Helaine Selin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. A
    G. R. Evans, Malcolm Potts, Jan P. Hogendijk, Jacques Sesiano, Y. Tzvi Langermann, Emilia Calvo et al.
    Pages 1-146
  3. B
    Takao Hayashi, Gerald R. Tibbetts, David Turnbull, Donald R. Hill, Tony Levy, Julio Samsó et al.
    Pages 147-163
  4. C
    K. V. Sarma, Nakayama Shigeru, Jehane Ragai, Gregg De Young, A. K. Chakravarty, Mohammad Ilyas et al.
    Pages 164-246
  5. D
    Emilia Calvo, K. V. Sarma, Richard J. Smith, Murdo J. Macleod
    Pages 247-252
  6. E
    Edwin J. Van Kley, M. A. Tolmacheva, Christoph Koerbs, Susantha Goonatilake, Richard C. Taylor, F. Richard Stephenson et al.
    Pages 253-330
  7. F
    Boris Rosenfeld, Ahmed Bouzid, Ang Tian Se, Richard Nnamdi Okagbue, H. T. Huang, Judith Vidal et al.
    Pages 331-341
  8. G
    Christopher Cullen, Yi-Long Huang, Hans Ulrich Vogel, Ho Peng Yoke, Arnold Pacey, Raymond Mercier et al.
    Pages 342-391
  9. H
    Lawrence Souder, Gregg De Young, Christopher Toll, K. V. Sarma, F. Jamil Ragep, Fabrizio Pregadio et al.
    Pages 392-400
  10. I
    Zeina Matar, Raymond Mercier, William C. Chittick, Emilia Calvo, Julio Samso, Roshdi Rashed et al.
    Pages 401-458
  11. J
    Richard P. Lorch, S. Nomanul Haq, K. V. Sarma, Virendra Nath Sharma, Christine Tuschinsky, Nakayama Shigeru et al.
    Pages 459-474
  12. K
    K. V. Sarma, Jacques Sesiano, Boris Rosenfeld, David A King, Julio Samso, Sevim Tekeli et al.
    Pages 475-507
  13. L
    K. V. Sarma, Thomas F. Glick, J. L. Mancha, Xiaoli Sun, Jennifer W. Jay, Hong Wuli et al.
    Pages 508-521
  14. M
    R. C. Gupta, Karen Louise Jolly, Ho Peng Yoke, Takao Hayashi, Yoshimasa Michiwaki, Cheng-Yih Chen et al.
    Pages 522-754
  15. N
    Lawrence H. Robbins, Richard Bertschinger, Takanori Kusuba, F. Jamil Ragep, Boris Rosenfeld, Marina Tolmacheva et al.
    Pages 755-787
  16. O
    Virendra Nath Sharma, Gregg De Young, Jinguang Wang, Caiwu Wang, Elaheh Kheirandish, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
    Pages 788-805
  17. P
    K. V. Sarma, Pan Jixing, Julian A. Smith, R. A. Uritam, William T. Johnson, Timothy J. Mcgrew et al.
    Pages 806-829
  18. Q
    Gregg De Young, Ahmed Djebbar, Arnold Pacey, Richard Bertschinger, Mohammad Ilyas, Ulrich Libbrecht et al.
    Pages 830-842
  19. R
    Arnold Pacey, Bruce C. Berndt, K. V. Sarma, David Turnbull, Albert Z. Iskandar, Weihang Chen et al.
    Pages 843-873
  20. S
    Ahmad Dallal, Boris Rosenfeld, Sema’an I. Salem, S. A. M. Adshead, Hans Ulrich Vogel, S. D. Gomkale et al.
    Pages 874-929
  21. T
    Sami K. Hamarneh, Shigeru Jochi, Hong Wuli, Fabrizio Pregadio, Sevim Tekeli, Arnold Pacey et al.
    Pages 930-992
  22. U
    Boris Rosenfeld, Jacques Sesiano, Boris A. Rosenfeld
    Pages 993-994
  23. V
    K. V. Sarma, Ziauddin Sardar
    Pages 995-1001
  24. W
    Fabrizio Pregadio, Ang Tian Se, Liu Dun, Georges Niangoran-Bouah, Donald Gear, Joan Gear et al.
    Pages 1002-1040
  25. X
    Ang Tian Se
    Pages 1041-1042
  26. Y
    Emilia Calvo, Ho Peng Yoke, Jan P. Hogendijk, K. V. Sarma, Weihang Chen, A. V. Balasubramanian
    Pages 1043-1049
  27. Z
    José Chabas, R. N. Mukherjee, Jiang Xinoyuan, Lam Lay Yong, Fabrizio Pregadio, Richard Bertschinger et al.
    Pages 1050-1061
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 1063-1117

About this book


The Encyclopaedia fills a gap in both the history of science and in cultural stud­ ies. Reference works on other cultures tend either to omit science completely or pay little attention to it, and those on the history of science almost always start with the Greeks, with perhaps a mention of the Islamic world as a trans­ lator of Greek scientific works. The purpose of the Encyclopaedia is to bring together knowledge of many disparate fields in one place and to legitimize the study of other cultures' science. Our aim is not to claim the superiority of other cultures, but to engage in a mutual exchange of ideas. The Western aca­ demic divisions of science, technology, and medicine have been united in the Encyclopaedia because in ancient cultures these disciplines were connected. This work contributes to redressing the balance in the number of reference works devoted to the study of Western science, and encourages awareness of cultural diversity. The Encyclopaedia is the first compilation of this sort, and it is testimony both to the earlier Eurocentric view of academia as well as to the widened vision of today. There is nothing that crosses disciplinary and geographic boundaries, dealing with both scientific and philosophical issues, to the extent that this work does. xi PERSONAL NOTE FROM THE EDITOR Many years ago I taught African history at a secondary school in Central Africa.


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