Cellular and Molecular Aspects of the Plant Hormone Ethylene

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Biosynthesis and Action of the Plant Hormone Ethylene, Agen, France, August 31–September 4, 1992

  • Jean Claude Pech
  • Alain Latché
  • Claudine Balagué

Part of the Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture book series (PSBA, volume 16)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Ethylene Biosynthesis and Fruit Ripening

    1. H. Mori, N. Nakagawa, T. Ono, N. Yamagishi, H. Imaseki
      Pages 1-6
    2. Athanasios Theologis, Paul W. Oeller, Lu Min-Wong
      Pages 19-23
    3. A. M. Callahan, D. Fishel, L. J. Dunn, Usda-Ars
      Pages 31-32
    4. A. Latché, E. Dupille, C. Rombaldi, J. C. Cleyet-marel, J. M. Lelièvre, J. C. Pech
      Pages 39-45
    5. David R. Dilley, Jianping Kuai, Loelle Poneleit, Yali Zhu, Yevgenia Pekker, Ian D. Wilson et al.
      Pages 46-52
    6. M. Acosta, M. B. Arnao, J. Sanchez-Bravo, J. L. Casas, B. Vioque, J. C. Fernandez-Maculet et al.
      Pages 53-58
    7. S. F. Yang, J. G. Dong, J. C. Fernandez-Maculet, D. C. Olson
      Pages 59-64
    8. R. E. Christoffersen, D. J. Mcgarvey, P. Savarese
      Pages 65-70
    9. A. J. Hamilton, M. Bouzayen, D. Grierson
      Pages 71-75
    10. M. Bouzayen, W. Cooper, C. Barry, H. Zegzouti, A. J. Hamilton, D. Grierson
      Pages 76-81
    11. J. E. Gray, S. Picton, R. Fray, A. J. Hamilton, H. Smith, S. Barton et al.
      Pages 82-89
    12. C. F. Watson, C. Balague, A. J. Turner, J. C. Pech, D. Grierson
      Pages 92-93
    13. J. H. Bull, E. Lasserre, S. Brame, J. C. Pech
      Pages 94-95
    14. C. Rombaldi, M. Petitprez, J. C. Cleyet-Marel, P. Rougé, A. Latché, J. C. Pech et al.
      Pages 96-97
    15. R. A. Ayub, C. Rombaldi, M. Petiprez, A. Latché, J. C. Pech, J. M. Lelièvre
      Pages 98-99
    16. L. Peñarrubia, M. Aguilar, L. Margossian, R. L. Fischer
      Pages 100-105
    17. R. E. Sheehy, V. Ursin, S. Vanderpan, W. R. Hiatt
      Pages 106-110
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      Pages 117-122
    19. P. Perkins-Veazie, G. R. Nonnecke, R. J. Gladon
      Pages 144-145
    20. D. Garcia Puig, A. Ortuño, F. Sabater, M. L. Perez, I. Porras, A. Garcia Lidon et al.
      Pages 146-147
    21. G. Martinez, M. Serrano, M. T. Pretel, A. Amoros, F. Riquelme, F. Romojaro
      Pages 148-149
    22. A. Levin, L. Sonego, Y. Zutkhi, R. Ben Arie
      Pages 150-151
    23. E. Pesis, C. Ampunpong, B. Shusiri, E. W. Hewett
      Pages 152-153
    24. R. Botondi, E. Gobattoni, R. Massantini, F. Mencarel
      Pages 154-155
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      Pages 156-157
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    27. V. Pujade-Renaud, C. Perrot-Rechenman, J. D’auzac, J. L. Jacob, J. Guern
      Pages 162-163
    28. T. Trebitsh-Sitrit, J. Riov, E. E. Goldschmidt
      Pages 164-165
    29. O. Moser, A. K. Kanellis
      Pages 166-167
  3. Ethylene Action

    1. M. A. Hall, H. M. Aho, A. W. Berry, D. S. Cowan, N. V. J. Harpham, M. G. Holland et al.
      Pages 168-173
    2. Ya’acov Y. Leshem, Dov Rapoport, Aryeh A. Frimer, Gila Strul, Uri Asaf, Israel Felner
      Pages 174-181
    3. Edward C. Sisler, Sylvia M. Blankenship, Jeffrey C. Fearn, Robin Haynes
      Pages 182-187
    4. Wouter G. Van Doorn, Ernst J. Woltering, Michael S. Reid, Meng-Jen Wu
      Pages 188-194
    5. I. E. Moshkov, G. V. Novikova, A. R. Smith, M. A. Hall
      Pages 195-196
  4. Stress Ethylene

    1. J. D. Anderson, B. A. Bailey, R. Taylor, A. Sharon, A. Avni, A. K. Mattoo et al.
      Pages 197-204
    2. J. d’Auzac, F. Bouteau, H. Chrestin, A. Clément, J. L. Jacob, R. Lacrotte et al.
      Pages 205-210
    3. A. Kacperska, M. Kubacka-Zebalska
      Pages 211-216
    4. M. T. Esquerre-Tugaye, A. Bottin, M. Rickauer, J. P. Sancan, J. Fournier, M. L. Pouenat
      Pages 217-222

About this book


The International Symposium on "Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Biosynthesis and Action of the Plant Hormone Ethylenc" ,vas held in Agen, France from August 31 st and September 4th, 1992. The planning and management of the scientific and social programme of the Conference were carried out jointly by the "Ethylene Research Group" of ENSAlIN"P (Toulouse) and Agropole Congres Service (Agen). Since the last meetings in Israel (1984) and in Belgium (1988), ethylene physiology has gone through a period of exciting progress due to new developments in cellular and molecular bioiogy. New methods and tools have been developed to better understand the role and functions of ethylene in fruit ripening, flower senescence, abscission, piant growth, and cell differentiation. Genes involved in ethylene biosynthesis have been characterized and transgenic plants with altered ethylene production have been generated. The feasibility of delaying fruit ripening or flower senescence by genetic manipulation is now demonstrated, thus opening new perspectives for the postharvest handling of plant products. Some progress has also been made on the understanding of ethylene action. However, much remains to be done in this area to elucidate the ethylene signal transduction pathway. Around 140 scientists from 20 countries attended the Symposium. They presented 47 oral reports and 40 poster demonstrations. All of them are published in these proceedings. It has been a pleasure for us to organize this important Symposium and to edit this book.


Expression Fruit Grove Liana Ornithin Pathogen Terpene Transport Xylem evolution gene expression morphogenesis mutant physiology regulation

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  • Jean Claude Pech
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  • Alain Latché
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  • Claudine Balagué
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  1. 1.Ecole Nationale Supérieure AgronomiqueToulouse CedexFrance

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