Advances in Molecular Genetics of Plant-Microbe Interactions, Vol. 2

Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., July 1992

  • Eugene W. Nester
  • Desh Pal S. Verma

Part of the Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture book series (PSBA, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Keynote Address

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. B. Nasrallah, M. E. Nasrallah
      Pages 15-21
  3. Agrobacterium-Plant Interactions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 35-35
    2. Alice Beijersbergen, Paul J. J. Hooykaas
      Pages 37-49
    3. Andrew N. Binns, Rolf D. Joerger, Lois M. Banta, Kyunghee Lee, David G. Lynn
      Pages 51-61
    4. B. G. McLean, Y. Thorstenson, V. Citovsky, J. R. Zupan, E. Greene, P. C. Zambryski
      Pages 63-71
    5. Margaret I. Boulton, Deanna M. Raineri, Jeffrey W. Davies, Eugene W. Nester
      Pages 73-78
    6. Bruno Tinland, Michael Hall, Barbara Hohn
      Pages 79-84
    7. Y. Machida, N. Shimoda, A. Yamamoto-Toyoda, Y. Takahashi, R. Nishihama, S. Aoki et al.
      Pages 85-96
    8. C. Bélanger, M. L. Canfield, L. W. Moore, P. Dion
      Pages 97-101
    9. A. Spena, J. J. Estruch, G. Hansen, K. Langenkemper, S. Berger, J. Schell
      Pages 109-124
  4. Rhizobium-Plant Interactions: Rhizobium Side

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 131-131
    2. N. Demont, P. Roche, H. Aurelle, F. Talmont, D. Prome, J. C. Prome et al.
      Pages 133-141
    3. E. Kondorosi, M. Schultze, A. Savoure, B. Hoffmann, D. Dudits, M. Pierre et al.
      Pages 143-150
    4. H. P. Spaink, A. Aarts, G. V. Bloemberg, J. Folch, O. Geiger, H. R. M. Schlaman et al.
      Pages 151-162
    5. M. J. Sutton, E. J. A. Lea, S. Crank, R. Rivilla, A. Economou, S. Ghelani et al.
      Pages 163-167
    6. John A. Leigh, Laurie Battisti, Chi Chang Lee, David A. Ozga, Hangjun Zhan, Sabina Astete
      Pages 175-181
    7. J. Batut, P. de Philip, J. M. Reyrat, F. Waelkens, P. Boistard
      Pages 183-191
    8. A. F. Lois, M. Weinstein, E. K. Monson, G. Ditta, D. R. Helinski
      Pages 193-197
    9. H. Hennecke, D. Anthamatten, M. Babst, M. Bott, H. M. Fischer, T. Kaspar et al.
      Pages 199-207
  5. Bacterial-Plant Interactions: Bacterial Side

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 209-209
    2. N. T. Keen, J. J. Sims, S. Midland, M. Yoder, F. Jurnak, H. Shen et al.
      Pages 211-220
    3. Jan E. Leach, Christopher Hopkins, Ailan Guo, Seong-Ho Choi, Mark Mazzola, Marietta Ryba-White et al.
      Pages 221-230
    4. Mark A. Schell, Timothy P. Denny, Steven J. Clough, Jianzhong Huang
      Pages 231-239
    5. Asita Chatterjee, Yang Liu, Hitoshi Murata, Thouraya Souissi, Arun K. Chatterjee
      Pages 241-251
    6. Skorn Mongkolsuk, Sangpen Chamnongpol, Niwat Supsamran, Siritida Rabibhadana
      Pages 253-257
    7. W. Miller, M. N. Mindrinos, L. G. Rahme, R. D. Frederick, C. Grimm, R. Gressman et al.
      Pages 267-274
    8. Ulla Bonas, Jutta Conrads-Strauch, Stefan Fenselau, Torsten Horns, Kai Wengelnik, Ralf Schulte
      Pages 275-279
    9. Steven V. Beer, Zhong-Min Wei, Ron J. Laby, Sheng Yang He, David W. Bauer, Alan Collmer et al.
      Pages 281-286
  6. Fungal-Plant Interactions: Fungal Side

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 287-287
    2. Pierre J. G. M. De Wit, Guido F. J. M. Van Den Ackerveken, Paul M. J. Vossen, Matthieu H. A. J. Joosten, Ton J. Cozijnsen, Guy Honee et al.
      Pages 289-298
    3. John E. Hamer, Nicholas J. Talbot, Morris Levy
      Pages 299-311
    4. J. Kronstad, A. Yee, G. Bakkeren, S. Gold, K. Barrett, L. Giasson
      Pages 325-333
    5. M. Bölker, M. Urban, S. Lauenstein, R. Lurz, R. Kahmann
      Pages 335-339
  7. Rhizobium-Plant Interactions: Plant Response

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 341-341
    2. Desh Pal S. Verma, Guo-Hua Miao, Na-Gyong Lee, Choong-Ill Cheon, Zonglie Hong
      Pages 343-352
    3. A. M. Hirsch, H. I. McKhann, M. Löbler, Y. Fang, B. Niner, S. Asad et al.
      Pages 353-364
    4. Ton Bisseling, Henk Franssen, Renze Heidstra, Beatrix Horvath, Panagiotis Katinakis, Marja Moerman et al.
      Pages 365-368
    5. N. J. Brewin, S. Perotto, E. L. Kannenberg, A. L. Rae, E. A. Rathbun, M. M. Lucas et al.
      Pages 369-380
    6. J. Vasse, F. de Billy, G. Truchet
      Pages 381-384
  8. Bacteria-Plant Interactions: Plant Response

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 391-391

About this book


Research on the interaction between plants and microbes continues to attract increasing attention, both within the field as well as in the scientific community at large. Many of the major scientific journals have recently reviewed various aspects of the field. Several papers dealing with plant-microbe interactions have been featured on the covers of scientific publications in the past several months, and the lay press have recently presented feature articles of this field. An additional sign of the interest in this field is that the International Society of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions has almost 500 members. This book is a collection of the papers that were given at the Sixth Inlernational Symposium on the Molecular Genetics of Plant-Microbe Interactions which was held in Seattle, Washington in July, 1992. Approximately 650 scientists attended and approximately 50 lectures covering the topics of Agrobacterium-plant interactions, Rhizobium-plant interactions, bacteria-plant interactions, fungal-plant interactions and new aspects of biotechnology were presented. In addition, many sessions were devoted to the plant response to the microbe. Over 400 posters were presented of which the authors of 20 were selected to give an oral presentation. These papers are included in this volume as well. The symposium also included speakers whose research interests are not directly related to plant-microbe interactions but who are at the cutting edge of research areas that impact on the theme of the symposium. These individuals kindly agreed to summarize their talks and their papers are also included.


Expression Fungi Pathogene Phytohormon Polysaccharide Regulation Transport cell growth gene expression microbe nitrogen physiology roots transcription wheat

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  • Desh Pal S. Verma
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  2. 2.The Ohio State UniversityColumbusUSA

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