Invasive Aquatic Species of Europe. Distribution, Impacts and Management

  • Erkki Leppäkoski
  • Stephan Gollasch
  • Sergej Olenin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Introduction

    1. Erkki Leppäkoski, Stephan Gollasch, Sergej Olenin
      Pages 1-6
  3. Who is Who Among Nonindigenous Species

    1. Norbert Hülsmann, Bella S. Galil
      Pages 20-26
    2. Ian Laing, Stephan Gollasch
      Pages 53-55
    3. Kai N. Hoppe
      Pages 116-119
    4. Dan Minchin, Frances Lucy, Monica Sullivan
      Pages 135-146
    5. Victor V. Petryashov, Natalia V. Chernova, Stanislav G. Denisenko, Jan H. Sundet
      Pages 147-152
    6. Hannu Lehtonen
      Pages 153-161
    7. Jakob C. Müller, Eva M. Griebeler
      Pages 173-182
  4. Vectors

    1. Dan Minchin, Stephan Gollasch
      Pages 183-192
    2. Dan Minchin, Harald Rosenthal
      Pages 206-216
    3. Stephan Gollasch, Elspeth Macdonald, Sara Belson, Helge Botnen, Jens T. Christensen, John P. Hamer et al.
      Pages 217-231
    4. John P. Hamer
      Pages 232-234
  5. Regional Overviews

    1. Victor J. A. Berger, Andrew D. Naumov
      Pages 235-239
    2. Erkki Leppäkoski, Sergej Olenin, Stephan Gollasch
      Pages 253-259
    3. Karsten Reise, Stephan Gollasch, Wim J. Wolff
      Pages 260-266
    4. Philippe Goulletquer, Guy Bachelet, Pierre Guy Sauriau, Pierre Noel
      Pages 276-290
    5. Anna Occhipinti Ambrogi
      Pages 311-324
    6. Bella S. Galil, Argyro Zenetos
      Pages 325-336
    7. Marian-Traian Gomoiu, Boris Alexandrov, Nickolai Shadrin, Yuvenaly Zaitsev
      Pages 341-350
    8. Nikolai V. Aladin, Igor S. Plotnikov, Andrei A. Filippov
      Pages 351-359
    9. Gerard van der Velde, Ivan Nagelkerken, Sanjeevi Rajagopal, Abraham Bij de Vaate
      Pages 360-372
    10. Yury V. Slynko, Liudmila G. Korneva, Irina K. Rivier, Vladimir G. Papchenkov, Grigory H. Scherbina, Marina I. Orlova et al.
      Pages 399-411
  6. Impacts

  7. Risk Assessment

    1. Stephan Gollasch
      Pages 447-455
    2. Chad L. Hewitt, Keith R. Hayes
      Pages 456-466
    3. Gerd P. Haugom, Hanna L. Behrens, Aage B. Andersen
      Pages 467-476
  8. Treatment Measures

    1. Alan Taylor, Geoff Rigby, Stephan Gollasch, Matthias Voigt, Gustaaf Hallegraeff, Tracy McCollin et al.
      Pages 484-507

About this book


The global scale of alien species invasions is becoming more and more evident in the beginning ofthe new millennium. Though the problem ofbiological invasions became a rapidly growing research area, there are large gaps still, both geographically and the­ matically, to be filled in the near future. This book is the first attempt to provide an overall picture of aquatic species invasions in Europe. Its geographical scope stretches from Irish waters in the west to Volga River and the Caspian Sea in the east, and from Mediterranean in the south up to the Arctic coast of Europe. Not all parts of the continent could be equally covered, as in some countries species invasions are not studied yet. The book tends to represent the array of all major European aquatic systems on the broadest geographical and ecological scope possible from fully saline seas, semi-enclosed brackish water bodies and coastallagoons to freshwater lakes, major river systems and waterways. The key objectives include the present status and impacts caused by non-native aquatic species in European waters. Please note that lengthy species lists submitted for publication and additional informa­ tion were put on the Internet, as the electronical version of these tables benefits from computer assisted search for data (http://www. ku. lt/nemo/EuroAquaInvaders. htm). Altogether more than 100 scientists from 24 countries have joined to synthesize the available information on bioinvasions. However, the book does not claim to be fully comprehensive.


Ecology Scale Sediment algae aquaculture development ecosystem ecosystem dynamics environment marine species

Editors and affiliations

  • Erkki Leppäkoski
    • 1
  • Stephan Gollasch
    • 2
  • Sergej Olenin
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of BiologyÅbo Akademi UniversityTurkuFinland
  2. 2.GoConsultGermany
  3. 3.Coastal Research and Planning InstituteKlaipeda UniversityKlaipedaLithuania

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