Plant Lipid Metabolism

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  • Jean-Claude Kader
  • Paul Mazliak

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Fatty Acid Synthesis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Norio Murata, Shoichi Higashi, Hajime Wada, Toshio Sakamoto, Marie-Helene Macherel, David Macherel et al.
      Pages 3-8
    3. John Browse, Jonathan Lightner, Michele McConn
      Pages 9-14
    4. John Shanklin, Edward J. Whittle, Brian G. Fox
      Pages 18-20
    5. Hermann Schmidt, Petra Sperling, Ernst Heinz
      Pages 21-23
    6. Mark A. Smith, Johnathan A. Napier, Robert Browne, Peter R. Shewry, A. Keith Stobart
      Pages 24-26
    7. Dorota A. Abramovitch, S. Craig Tucker, Gary L. Powell
      Pages 27-29
    8. Patricia L. Tate, Charles Ainsworth, Gary Kodiert, Albert Abbott
      Pages 30-32
    9. Frances Jackson, Gareth Griffiths, Mark Smith, Keith Stobart
      Pages 33-35
    10. Basil J. Nikolau, James J. Caffrey, Tomás Diez, Ji-ying Huang, Xiao-min Shang, Lisa M. Weaver et al.
      Pages 39-42
    11. Burle Gengenbach, Margaret Egli, Sheila Lutz, David Somers, John Gronwald, Don Wyse
      Pages 43-45
    12. James J. Caffrey, Yang Chen, Tomás Diez, Xueni Guan, Ji-ying Huang, Angela L. McKean et al.
      Pages 49-51
    13. Antoni R. Slabas, Clare Brough, Johan Kroon, William Simon, Russell Swinhoe, David Rice et al.
      Pages 55-57
    14. Penny von Wettstein-Knowles
      Pages 61-71
    15. Johan Gotthardt Olsen, Mads Siggaard-Andersen, Anders Kadziola, Margit Wissenbach, Jo-Anne Chuck, Sine Larsen et al.
      Pages 75-77
    16. A. Lesley Jones, Jane E. Dancer, John L. Harwood
      Pages 78-80
    17. Margit Wissenbach, Jo-Anne Chuck, Mads Siggaard-Andersen, Johan Gotthardt Olsen, Penny von Wettstein-Knowles
      Pages 81-83
    18. Mads Siggaard-Andersen, Margit Wissenbach, Jo-Anne Chuck, Johan Gotthardt Olsen, Penny von Wettstein-Knowles
      Pages 84-86
    19. Antoine R. Stuitje, Martin M. Kater, H. John, J. Nijkamp
      Pages 87-89
    20. Tony Fawcett, William J. Simon, John Shanklin, Antoni R. Slabas
      Pages 90-92
    21. Anne Fowler, J. William Simon, Tony Fawcett, Antoni R. Slabas
      Pages 93-95
    22. Neil C. Thomas, Tony Fawcett, Jose M. Martinez-Rivas, Antoni R. Slabas
      Pages 99-101
    23. Dehua Liu, Dusty Post-Beittenmiller
      Pages 102-104
    24. Jane C. Schneider, Paul G. Roessler
      Pages 105-107
    25. Cassagne Claude, Bessoule Jean-Jacques, Schneider Florence, Lessire René, Sturbois Bénédicte, Moreau Patrick et al.
      Pages 111-114
    26. Philippa B. Barrett, John L. Harwood
      Pages 115-117
    27. Créach Anne, Domergue Frédéric, Lessire René
      Pages 121-123
    28. Spinner Christel, Levannier Karine, Lessire René, Lellouche Jean-Paul, Mioskovski Charles, Cassagne Claude
      Pages 124-126
    29. Basil J. Nikolau, Xiaojie Xu, Yiji Xia, Joel D. Hansen, Shane Heinen, Tsui-Jung Wen et al.
      Pages 127-130
    30. F. Schneider, J. J. Bessoule, C. Mioskowski, J. P. Lellouche, K. Levannier, C. Cassagne
      Pages 131-132
  3. Membranes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 133-133
    2. Eric Marechal, Maryse A. Block, Jacques Joyard, Roland Douce
      Pages 144-151
    3. Hiroyuki Ohta, Mie Shimojima, Takeshi Arai, Tatsuru Masuda, Yuzo Shioi, Ken-ichiro Takamiya
      Pages 152-155
    4. Paul-André Siegenthaler, Yinong Xu, Jana Smutny, Marlyse Meylan Bettex, Jarmila Vallino, André Rawyler
      Pages 170-172
    5. Lucien Bovet, Jana Smutny, Paul-André Siegenthaler
      Pages 173-175

About this book


A collection of papers that comprehensively describe the major areas of research on lipid metabolism of plants. State-of-the-art knowledge about research on fatty acid and glycerolipid biosynthesis, isoprenoid metabolism, membrane structure and organization, lipid oxidation and degradation, lipids as intracellular and extracellular messengers, lipids and environment, oil seeds and gene technology is reviewed.
The different topics covered show that modern tools of plant cellular and molecular biology, as well as molecular genetics, have been recently used to characterize several key enzymes of plant lipid metabolism (in particular, desaturases, thioesterases, fatty acid synthetase) and to isolate corresponding cDNAs and genomic clones, allowing the use of genetic engineering methods to modify the composition of membranes or storage lipids. These findings open fascinating perspectives, both for establishing the roles of lipids in membrane function and intracellular signalling and for adapting the composition of seed oil to the industrial needs.
This book will be a good reference source for research scientists, advanced students and industrialists wishing to follow the considerable progress made in recent years on plant lipid metabolism and to envision the new opportunities offered by genetic engineering for the development of novel oil seeds.


Glycerolipid Lipid Oxidation enzymes genetic engineering metabolism

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