The Impact of Large Scale Near-IR Sky Surveys

Proceedings of a Workshop held at Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife(Spain), 22–26 April 1996

  • F. Garzón
  • N. Epchtein
  • A. Omont
  • B. Burton
  • P. Persi
Conference proceedings

Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 210)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. The New IR—Surveys and Other Surveys

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. M. F. Skrutskie, S. E. Schneider, R. Stiening, S. E. Strom, M. D. Weinberg, C. Beichman et al.
      Pages 25-32
    3. P. Fouque, E. Bertin, P.-A. Duc, L. Chevallier
      Pages 33-36
    4. H. Jenkner, B. M. Lasker, B. J. Mclean, R. L. White, M. G. Lattanzi, Alessandro Spagna et al.
      Pages 37-44
    5. U. Klaas, S. Bogun, U. Herbstmeier, D. Lemke, M. Burgdorf, R. Laureijs
      Pages 45-46
  3. Galactic Structure

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 47-47
    2. E. Battaner, E. Florido, J. Jiménez-Vicente, C. Porcel, M. L. Sánchez-Saavedra
      Pages 49-56
    3. S. Ruphy, N. Epchtein, A. C. Robin, M. Cohen
      Pages 63-66
    4. M. Cohen
      Pages 67-70
    5. G. Simon, A. C. Robin, A. Omont, P. Fouqué
      Pages 71-75
    6. M. Unavane, G. Gilmore
      Pages 77-80
    7. Alain Omont, Joris Blommaert
      Pages 81-89
    8. Y. K. Ng
      Pages 91-94
    9. A. J. Fleischer, J. M. Winters, E. Sedlmayr, T. Le Bertre
      Pages 101-102
    10. F. Jiménez-Esteban, P. García-Lario, A. Manchado
      Pages 103-104
    11. S. Kimeswenger, C. Kienel
      Pages 105-106
    12. M. López-Corredoira, F. Garzón, T. Mahoney, P. L. Hammersley
      Pages 107-109
    13. P. Saracco, G. Chincarini, A. Iovino, B. Garilli, D. Maccagni
      Pages 113-116
    14. M. F. Skrutskie, M. G. Lysaght, M. D. Weinberg
      Pages 117-118
    15. K. Tachihara, Y. Yonekura, A. Kawamura, A. Mizuno, H. Ogawa, Y. Fukui
      Pages 119-126
  4. Star Formation Regions and Young Objects

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 127-127
    2. E. Copet, P. Persi, D. Rouan
      Pages 129-134
    3. Thierry Montmerle
      Pages 143-148
    4. E. L. Martin, M. R. Zapatero Osorio, R. Rebolo
      Pages 149-156
    5. Marcello Felli, Leonardo Testi
      Pages 161-164
    6. M. A. T. Groenewegen
      Pages 165-168
    7. D. Lorenzetti, F. Massi, R. Scaramella, F. Vitali, T. Giannini
      Pages 169-170
    8. M. Marengo, E. Roseo, G. Silvestro, M. Busso, P. Persi
      Pages 171-172
    9. D. Russeil, P. Amram, Y. P. Georgelin, Y. M. Georgelin, M. Marcelin, E. Le Coarer
      Pages 173-174
    10. Leonardo Testi, Silvia Maltagliati, Francesco Palla, Antonella Natta, Timo Prusti
      Pages 175-176
    11. A. Zavagno, S. Molinari, E. Tommasi, P. Saraceno, M. Griffin
      Pages 177-178
  5. Image Processing and Data Dissemination

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 179-179
    2. J. Borsenberger
      Pages 181-186
    3. M. R. S. Hawkins
      Pages 197-199
    4. F. Guglielmo, E. R. Deul, P. Fouqué, T. Le Bertre, J. Hron, M. Schultheis
      Pages 201-204
    5. A. Moneti, M. G. Breitfellner
      Pages 205-211
    6. T. Jarrett, T. Chester, S. Schneider, J. Huchra
      Pages 213-220
    7. I. Vauglin, G. Paturel, M. C. Marthinet, C. Petit
      Pages 225-228
  6. Extragalactic

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229

About these proceedings


After a year's successful operation, the European DENIS project is now a scientific reality and its close cousin 2MASS (USA) is about to come into operation. The observational and data reduction processes of both DENIS and 2MASS are fully described in this volume.
Already the impact of DENIS is making itself felt in the astronomical community in areas of research as diverse as cosmology, the evolution of galaxies, the interstellar medium, the search for brown dwarfs, and stellar structure and evolution. The first routine results from DENIS and the preliminary results from the 2MASS prototype camera are discussed and compared with other surveys across the wavelength spectrum, both space- and ground-based, including the Digitized Sky Survey, ISO and ROSAT.


Clustering Galaxy Star astronomy classification image processing stellar

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  • N. Epchtein
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  • A. Omont
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  • B. Burton
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  • P. Persi
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