Organized Activity and its Support by Computer

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About this book


Organized Human Activity and Its Support by Computer proposes an answer to the question: what are computers for?
With technical expertise, Anatol Holt analyzes human activity and its relevance to computer use. Holt interleaves a theory about the universal aspect of social life with a vision of how to harness computer power.
`This book is a culmination of a life of work that exemplifies two characteristics of the author: intellectual passion, and a concern for what matters to people. In the past thirty years, Holt has been a participant in the computing work at every level, from managing computer systems to developing commercial software to publishing theoretical articles in academic journals. His breadth of knowledge and experience makes possible the interweaving of theory and practice that shapes the fabric of this book. People often make a false opposition between theory and practice. In this case, it is a synergy: practice guides the theory, and the theory is grounded in its application.'
Terry Winograd, Stanford University
Organized Human Activity and Its Support by Computer will be of interest to those concerned with computers, especially those with and interest in `groupware'. Particular relevance to social scientists, management scientists, students of law, and philosophers are also addressed. Though technical in spirit and method, this book does not expect significant prior computer knowledge of the reader.


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