Magnetic Hysteresis in Novel Magnetic Materials

  • George C. Hadjipanayis

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSE, volume 338)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Theory

    1. R. W. Chantrell
      Pages 21-35
    2. K. N. Trohidou, J. A. Blackman, D. Kechrakos
      Pages 37-44
    3. S. T. Chui
      Pages 69-78
    4. H. S. Darendelioglu
      Pages 79-84
    5. C. Beatrice, G. F. Durin, A. Magni, G. Bertotti
      Pages 109-113
    6. O. A. Chubykalo, J. Gonzalez, J. M. Gonzalez
      Pages 121-124
    7. G. Bertotti
      Pages 125-146
    8. C. Michelakis, D. Samaras, A. Aravidis, G. Litsardakis
      Pages 159-163
  3. Characterization Techniques

    1. J. N. Chapman, K. J. Kirk
      Pages 207-214
    2. L. Folks, R. C. Woodward, K. L. Babcock, R. Street
      Pages 215-219
    3. J. Tejada, X. X. Zhang, J. M. Hernandez
      Pages 221-232
    4. J. Tejada, X. X. Zhang, J. M. Hernandez, J. R. Friedman, M. P. Sarachik, R. F. Ziolo
      Pages 233-242
    5. K.-H. Müller, M. Wolf, A. Handstein, D. Eckert, C. Andrikidis, S. Collocott
      Pages 243-252
    6. E. Jędryka, M. Wójcik, S. Nadolski
      Pages 253-258
  4. Novel Materials and Properties

    1. Small Particles

      1. Dennis E. Speliotis
        Pages 259-281
      2. W. Wernsdorfer, E. Bonet Orozco, K. Hasselbach, A. Benoit, B. Barbara, D. Mailly
        Pages 283-292
      3. A. E. Berkowitz, R. H. Kodama, S. A. Makhlouf, F. T. Parker, F. E. Spada, E. J. McNiff Jr. et al.
        Pages 293-307
      4. K. J. Kirk, J. N. Chapman, P. Aitchison, S. McVitie, B. Khamsehpour, M. Ruhrig et al.
        Pages 309-313
      5. J. M. González, C. de Julián, J. González, F. Cebollada, M. I. Montero, M. Emura et al.
        Pages 315-319
      6. J. A. Christodoulides, N. B. Shevchenko, G. C. Hadjipanayis, V. Papaefthymiou
        Pages 321-325
      7. J. M. González, E. M. González, C. de Julián, M. I. Montero, F. Cebollada, J. Restrepo et al.
        Pages 327-331
      8. E. Kirkpatrick, J. H. Scott, S. Majetich, M. McHenry
        Pages 333-337
      9. N. B. Shevchenko, J. A. Christodoulides, X. Meng-Burany, G. C. Hadjipanayis
        Pages 339-343
      10. P. V. Hendriksen, F. Bødker, S. Mørup, C. Bender Koch, S. Linderoth
        Pages 345-349
      11. B. Martinez, L. Balcells, A. Roig, E. Molins, X. Obradors, A. Rouanet et al.
        Pages 351-355
      12. M. Grigorova, V. Masheva, D. Nihtianova, V. Rusanov, L. Bozukov, V. Gerganov et al.
        Pages 357-361
      13. D. Fiorani, J. L. Dormann, E. Tronc, F. Lucari, F. D’Orazio, A. M. Testa
        Pages 363-373
      14. R. Sappey, E. Vincent, J. Hammann, F. Chaput, J. P. Boilot, D. Zins
        Pages 375-382
      15. X. X. Zhang, A. Roig, J. M. Hernàndez, E. Molins, J. Tejada, R. F. Ziolo
        Pages 383-387
      16. C. Villette, F. Agnoli, Ch. Bonino, Ph. Tailhades, A. Rousset
        Pages 389-393
      17. M. Multigner, S. Läkamp, G. Pourroy, A. Hernando, R. Valenzuela
        Pages 395-399
      18. X. Batlle, M. Garcia del Muro, V. Franco, A. Labarta, J. M. Gonzalez, M. L. Watson et al.
        Pages 401-405
      19. C. Djurberg, T. Jonsson, P. Svedlindh, P. Nordblad, J. Z. Jiang, S. Mørup et al.
        Pages 407-411
      20. A. D. C. Viegas, J. Geshev, L. S. Dorneles, J. E. Schmidt, M. Knobel
        Pages 413-417
    2. Thin Films/Multilayers

      1. D. J. Sellmyer, Z. S. Shan
        Pages 419-451
      2. Eric E. Fullerton, C. H. Sowers, J. P. Pearson, X. Z. Wu, D. Lederman, S. D. Bader
        Pages 467-478
      3. Charles M. Falco, Brad N. Engel, J. M. Slaughter
        Pages 479-483

About this book


A detailed presentation of the physics of the various hysteresis models that are currently used to explain the magnetization reversal process, including coherent and incoherent magnetization processes, micromagnetism and its application in thin films, multilayers, nanowires, particles and bulk magnets, domain wall pinning and domain wall dynamics, and Preisach modelling. Some of the faulty concepts and interpretations that still exist in the literature are rectified. Magnetic imaging techniques are reviewed, including TEM, SEM, magnetic force microscopy, and optical microscopy. Temperature, field and angular dependence of coercivity, magnetic interactions and magnetic phenomena are reviewed and their effect on magnetic hysteresis is discussed. The magnetic properties of novel materials are discussed, including nanoparticles, nanocrystalline granular solids, particulate media, thin films, and bulk magnets. Finally, present and future applications of novel materials are presented, including magnetic and magneto-optic recording media, magneto-electronics, sensors, magnetic circuit design, and novel structures created from rigid, high-energy permanent magnets.


alloy crystal electron microscope microscopy modeling nanoparticle nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) thin film

Editors and affiliations

  • George C. Hadjipanayis
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of DelawareNewarkUSA

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