The Teaching Cases from Annals of Oncology

  • R. L. Souhami

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. General Oncology

    1. G. Daugaard
      Pages 5-9
    2. K. Hoekman, J. van Doorn, T. Gloudemans, O. S. Hoekstra, J. A. Maassen, J. B. Vermorken et al.
      Pages 11-15
    3. A. Piga, V. Catalano, N. Cardarelli, R. Cellerino
      Pages 17-21
    4. J. Bauer, T. Kuntzer, S. Leyvraz
      Pages 23-28
    5. J. Vinholes, R. Coleman
      Pages 29-36
  3. Lymphoma

    1. J. A. Radford, G. R. Morgenstern, D. Crowther
      Pages 37-41
    2. U. Kaiser, K.-H. Pflüger, M. Tiemann, K. Havemann
      Pages 47-50
    3. W. Brugger, R. Engelhardt, R. Mertelsmann, L. Kanz
      Pages 51-55
    4. Y. Bastion, N. Dhedin, P. Felman, B. Coiffier
      Pages 57-62
    5. A. M. O’Callaghan, G. M. Mead
      Pages 63-67
    6. G. B. Zulian, P.-Y. Dietrich, B. Conne, S. Anchisi, J.-C. Pache, C. Rouden et al.
      Pages 69-74
    7. J. L. Craze, J. Pritchard
      Pages 75-80
    8. E. O’Reilly, J. Crown
      Pages 81-84
  4. Ovarian Cancer

    1. A. M. Prové, L. Y. Dirix, D. Schrijvers, A. T. Van Oosterom
      Pages 85-89
    2. M. E. R. O’Brien, T. Perren, S. Tan, C. Fisher, E. Wiltshaw
      Pages 91-94
    3. C. A. H. H. V. M. Verhagen, Q. G. C. M. van Hoesel, C. P. T. Schijf, P. H. M. De Mulder
      Pages 95-98
  5. Germ Cell Tumours

    1. L. Paz-Ares, P. Lianes, H. Cortes-Funes
      Pages 99-104
    2. P. D. Simmonds, G. M. Mead, J. M. A. Whitehouse
      Pages 105-109
    3. M. Bower, C. Brock, R. A. Fisher, E. S. Newlands, G. J. S. Rustin
      Pages 111-116
  6. Breast Cancer

    1. I. Besznyák, S. Eckhardt
      Pages 117-119
    2. F. Perrone, C. Carlomagno, S. De Placido, R. Lauria, A. Morabito, A. R. Bianco
      Pages 121-131
  7. Lung Cancer

    1. U. Lassen, P. E. G. Kristjansen, H. H. Hansen
      Pages 133-136
    2. C. D. Colder, P. E. Postmus
      Pages 137-143
  8. Gastrointestinal Cancer

    1. C. Bradley, P. Selby
      Pages 145-149
    2. P. Hohenberger, M. Hünerbein
      Pages 151-157
  9. Sarcoma

    1. G. F. McLeay, W. P. Steward
      Pages 159-164
    2. J. R. Benson, K. Mokbel, M. Baum
      Pages 165-170
    3. M. von Schlippe, J. S. Whelan
      Pages 171-177
  10. Head and Neck Cancer

    1. U. Tirelli, G. Franchin, S. Morassut, L. Barzan
      Pages 179-184
  11. Bladder Cancer

    1. A. P. M. Lydon, S. J. Harland, G. M. Duchesne
      Pages 185-189
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 191-196

About this book


The Teaching Cases Series of Annals of Oncology was editor and publisher of Annals that the first series of cases started in Apri11993. The aim was to use clinical cases as should be published in book form. a means of teaching the principles of diagnosis and Looking back over the first three years of cases, it is management of cancer. We kept in mind the educational clear that a wide range of cancer medicine has been needs of doctors in training, and of other health care covered to a very high standard. Taken together, the cases professionals. We planned that the cases would cover a are a valuable and a convenient source of information. For wide range of clinical diagnosis and diagnostic problems this book the text and references have been updated where and treatment decisions. necessary. In choosing the authors I have emphasized expertise I hope that readers of Annals of Oncology and others and enthusiasm. I attempted to invite cases from as wide a will find it a useful addition to their libraries. I am grate­ range of contributors as possible to reflect different ful to Franco Cavalli for having invited me to be the first opinions in the European countries. The contributors have editor of this series which I am sure will continue to responded magnificently to my requests for changes, my flourish. constant reminders, and my adaptation of their prose.


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  • R. L. Souhami
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  1. 1.Department of OncologyUniversity College London Medical School, The Middlesex HospitalLondonUK

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