Late Graft Loss

Proceedings of the 28th Conference on Transplantation and Clinical Immunology, 3–5 June, 1996

  • J. L. Touraine
  • J. Traeger
  • H. Bétuel
  • J. M. Dubernard
  • J. P. Revillard
  • C. Dupuy

Part of the Transplantation and Clinical Immunology book series (TRAC, volume 28)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Incidence and modalities

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Richard K. Sibley
      Pages 13-23
    3. D. Serón, F. Moreso, J. Bover, E. Condom, X. Fulladosa, S. Gil-Vernet et al.
      Pages 25-30
    4. C. Pouteil-Noble, L. Remontet, M. Lombardo, J. L. Touraine, A. Hadj-Aissa, N. Pozet
      Pages 31-37
    5. Bengt Fellström, Ulla Backman, Levent Akyürek, Erik Larsson, Lilja Zezina
      Pages 39-48
  3. Immunological factors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 49-49
    2. Leendert C. Paul, Jagadeesan Muralidharan, Syed A. Muzaffar, Jean-François Valentin
      Pages 51-61
    3. Uwe W. Heemann, Andreas Kribben, Raphael Schäfers, Thomas Philipp
      Pages 63-67
    4. Michel Goldman, Hans-Dieter Volk
      Pages 69-73
    5. Robert J. Keenan, Aldo Iacono, James H. Dauber, Gerald C. Smaldone, Bartley P. Griffith
      Pages 75-76
    6. J. M. Grinyó, S. Gil-Vernet, F. Moreso, D. Serón, X. Fulladosa, J. M. Cruzado et al.
      Pages 77-83
  4. Non-immunological factors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 91-91
    2. Barry M. Brenner, Harald S. Mackenzie
      Pages 93-100
    3. U. B. Berg, L. Dubourg, A.-B. Bohlin, A. Hadj-Aïssa, G. Tydén, P. Cochat
      Pages 101-103
    4. L. C. Feitosa Tajra, M. Benchaid, X. Martin, M. Dawahra, N. Lefrançois, J. L. Touraine et al.
      Pages 105-108
  5. Prevention and treatment

  6. Oral communications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 175-175
    2. Magnitude of the Problem

      1. D. Gakis, A. Takoudas, I. Sotiriou, F. Papachristou, V. Papanikolaou, G. Imvrios et al.
        Pages 180-181
      2. U. Maggi, B. Gridelli, A. Lucianetti, L. Caccamo, R. Romito, L. R. Fassati
        Pages 182-183
    3. Immunological Mechanisms of Late Graft Loss

      1. M. C. Copin, C. Noël, M. Hazzan, A. Janin, F. R. Pruvot, J. P. Dessaint et al.
        Pages 187-187
      2. Luis Carlos Feitosa Tajra, Silvina Ramella Virieux, Hassen Benabdennebi, Jacqueline Margonari, Aoumeur Hadj-Aïssa, Jean-Paul Steghens et al.
        Pages 188-188
      3. Z. Polymenidis, D. Gakis, K. Adam, E. Parapanissiou, P. Koukoudis, E. Papakyriazi et al.
        Pages 189-190
    4. Therapeutic Issues

      1. V. Kliem, T. Tiroke, G. Ehlerding, O. Eberhard, D. Schaumann, R. Pichlmayr et al.
        Pages 195-195
      2. D. Forti, G. F. Rondinara, L. De Carlis, C. V. Sansalone, G. Colella, O. A. Slim et al.
        Pages 196-196
  7. Posters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 201-201
    2. Immunological Mechanisms of Late Graft Loss

      1. Moray Gökhan, Karakayali Hamdi, Haberal Mehmet
        Pages 205-205
      2. Karakayali Hamdi, Moray Gökhan, Haberal Mehmet
        Pages 206-206
    3. Risk Factors

      1. J. P. Cristol, V. Vela, M. F. Maggi, C. Turc-Baron, B. Descomps, G. Mourad
        Pages 209-209
      2. Thierry Hauet, Denis Mothes, Jean Michel Goujon, Rene Robert, Jean Claude Carites, Michel Eugene et al.
        Pages 210-210
      3. Th. Hauet, D. Mothes, P. Badia, J. M. Goujon, R. Robert, J. C. Carites et al.
        Pages 211-211
      4. Andrzej P. Oko, Maciej Krzymański, Anna M. Waaga, Wolfgang Müller-Ruchholtz
        Pages 212-212
      5. Silvina Ramella Virieux, Aoumeur Hadj-Aïssa, Jean-Paul Steghens, Alain Barbieux, Jean-Jacques Colpart, Nicole Pozet
        Pages 213-213
    4. Therapeutic Issues

      1. D. Donati, C. Airaghi, L. Baratelli, A. Ambrosini, L. Gastaldi
        Pages 218-218

About this book


In all varieties of organ transplants, early results have dramatically improved over the past two decades and failures due to acute rejection are becoming rarer. Efficient immunosuppressive regimens have been developed with the objective of very good results at 1, 3 and 5 years.
Successful transplants, however, are significantly less frequent at 10 and 20 years, and many patients require retransplantation. Many factors are involved in late graft loss and it is now well recognized that, in addition to chronic rejection, a number of non-immunologic factors play a prominent role. In the case of renal transplantation, a reduced mass loss (transplantation of a single kidney, sometimes from an aged donor, ischemic injury and alteration of some nephrons in the case of early acute rejection) will result in slowly progressing chronic renal failure, even in the absence of any supplementary attack of an immunological nature. The new treatments must be analyzed in the light of their capacity to reduce these late failures. Several preventive measures can also limit both immunologic and non-immunologic factors of late transplant deterioration.


biopsy blood clinical trial immunosuppression infection infections kidney liver transplantation lymphocytes organ pathogenesis pathology transplantation

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