Molecular Recognition and Inclusion

Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Molecular Recognition and Inclusion, held at Lyon, 7–12 September 1996

  • A. W. Coleman
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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Raymond A. Dwek
    Pages 1-6
  3. Takashi Jin, Akio Nakano, Iwao Suzuki, Shigeru Watanabe, George W. Gokel, Ernesto Abel et al.
    Pages 19-29
  4. C. L. Bowes, T. Jiang, A. J. Lough, G. A. Ozin, S. Petrov, A. Verma et al.
    Pages 39-58
  5. David N. Reinhoudt, André M. A. van Wageningen, Bart-Hendrik Huisman
    Pages 67-75
  6. Jan Becher, Zhan-Ting Li, Philippe Blanchard, Niels Svenstrup, Jesper Lau, Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen et al.
    Pages 85-95
  7. J. M. García Fernández, C. Ortiz Mellet, J. L. Jiménez Blanco, J. Fuentes, M. MartÍn-Pastor, J. Jiménez Blanco
    Pages 103-108
  8. Michael Harmata, Mehmet Kahraman, Sriram Tyagarajan, Charles L. Barnes, Christopher J. Welch
    Pages 109-116
  9. Janusz Jurczak, Piotr Lipkowski, Daniel T. Gryko, Janusz Lipkowski
    Pages 123-128
  10. L. R. Nassimbeni
    Pages 135-152
  11. Dermot O’Hare, John S. O. Evans, Stephen Price
    Pages 153-158
  12. P. Scrimin, F. Felluga, G. Ghirlanda, Paolo Tecilla, U. Tonellato, A. Veronese
    Pages 159-166
  13. Z. Asfari, B. Pulpoka, M. Saadioui, S. Wenger, M. Nierlich, P. Thuéry et al.
    Pages 173-178
  14. J. W. Canary, C. S. Allen, J. M. Castagnetto, C.-L. Chuang, A. R. Lajmi, O. Dos Santos et al.
    Pages 179-184
  15. A. Favre-Réguillon, B. Dunjic, N. Dumont, M. Lemaire
    Pages 197-202
  16. S. Ternieden, J. Schmider, K. Müller
    Pages 209-214
  17. Daniel T. Gryko, Piotr Piątek, Janusz Jurczak
    Pages 221-226
  18. J.-B. Regnouf-de-Vains
    Pages 233-238
  19. R. S. Vagg, K. A. Vickery, P. A. Williams
    Pages 239-244
  20. S. A. Andronati, T. A. Voronina, V. M. Sava, G. M. Molodavkin, S. Yu. Makan, S. G. Soboleva
    Pages 245-249
  21. Zbigniew Brzózka, Ewa Liszewska, Marek Pietraszkiewicz, Rafał Gąsiorowski
    Pages 263-266
  22. Mustafa Bulut, Birsen Yılmaz, Çakıl Erk
    Pages 267-269
  23. M. Cesario, J. Guilhem, C. Pascard, M.-P. Teulade-Fichou, M. Dhaenens, J.-P. Vigneron et al.
    Pages 279-282
  24. E. Chruscinska, G. Micera, D. Sanna, W. Ambroziak
    Pages 283-290
  25. Yu. M. Chumakov, G. Bocelli, A. Cantoni, M. Gdaniec, V. M. Sava, S. G. Soboleva
    Pages 291-295
  26. A. Comotti, R. Simonutti, M. C. Gallazzi, P. Sozzani
    Pages 297-300
  27. Mátyás Czugler, Edwin Weber, Petros P. Korkas
    Pages 305-308
  28. J. Defaye, C. Ortiz Mellet, J. M. García Fernández, S. Maciejewski
    Pages 313-316
  29. Pascale Delangle, Jean-Christophe Mulatier, Jean-Pierre Dutasta
    Pages 321-324

About these proceedings


This volume contains the Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Molecular Recognition and Inclusion, ISMRI 9 which was held in Lyon, France during 7 to 12 September 1996. The articles reflect the over 50 oral presentations and 140 posters which were presnted at ISMRI 9, both in the range of topics and also in the layout of the volume which comprises five sections, Plenary, Invited, Oral and Emerging Lectures and the four poster sessions. Some words should be said about the Emerging lectures, these were a means of allowing young scientists, often doctoral students to present short 15 minute talks on their work and were one of the great scientific successes ofISMRI 9. I would again like to thank the presenters ofthese lectures for their contributions. The scientific content of ISMRI 9 reflected the logo of the conference showing the symbiotic interactions between Chemistry, Physics and Biology which contribute so strongly to the inter-and pluridisciplinary nature of Supramolecular Science. The topics ranged from Glycobiology through Membrane Systems through Synthetic Organic and Inorganic Chemistry to the construction of Complex Edifices in solution and the Solid-State to arrive at the Physics of Molecular Interactions via the understanding of Water and Gas-Clathrates. Once more to all the speakers who us the breadth of the subjects, thank you.


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