Laboratory Techniques in Thrombosis — a Manual

  • J. Jespersen
  • R. M. Bertina
  • F. Haverkate

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. T. A. L. Woods, S. Kitchen, F. E. Preston
    Pages 29-36
  3. L. Poller
    Pages 45-61
  4. H. C. Hemker, S. Béguin
    Pages 63-78
  5. M. P. M. De Maat, G. D. O. Lowe, F. Haverkate
    Pages 79-88
  6. J. H. Morrissey
    Pages 89-97
  7. G. Mariani, G. Liberti, T. D’Angelo, L. Lo Coco
    Pages 99-106
  8. P. M. Mannucci, A. Tripodi
    Pages 107-113
  9. P. M. Mannucci, R. Coppola
    Pages 115-119
  10. J. Conard
    Pages 121-128
  11. R. M. Bertina
    Pages 129-139
  12. R. M. Bertina
    Pages 141-151
  13. E. M. Faioni
    Pages 153-162
  14. A. Tripodi
    Pages 163-169
  15. P. M. Sandset
    Pages 171-181
  16. D. A. Triplett
    Pages 183-187
  17. S. J. Bauman, F. C. Church
    Pages 189-198
  18. A. Haeberli
    Pages 199-207
  19. J. Harenberg
    Pages 209-216
  20. A. Haeberli
    Pages 217-222
  21. C. Kluft, P. Meijer, E. Ersdal, S. Rosén
    Pages 223-230
  22. M. C. Alessi, I. Juhan-Vague
    Pages 231-237
  23. P. J. Gaffney
    Pages 247-255
  24. E. Hattey, M. Haumer, M. R. Griffiths, V. Carroll, B. R. Binder
    Pages 265-274
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 293-308

About this book


The first edition of this manual appeared in 1992 and was entitled ECAT Assay Procedures. It was the result of a unique cooperation between experts brought together by the European Concerted Action on Thrombosis and Disabilities (ECAT). The Concerted Action was at that time under the auspices of the Commission of the European Union. The second edition, like the first edition, deals with diagnostic tests within the field of thrombosis. However, the second edition has a broader scope because it is no longer limited by the frontiers of ECAT. Experts allover the world, in and outside ECAT, have contributed to this edition. The editors are very grateful for their contributions. The need for a new edition is obvious. Since 1992 new assays have been introduced for research, diagnosis, and therapy of thrombosis; for other assays improvements have been suggested, while a few others became redundant. The editors waived the radioimmunoassays of ~-thrombog1obulin and platelet factor 4 due to the fact that the kits required for these assays are rarely, or no longer, available. Also the PAI-1 activity assay was waived as it is liable to many inconsistencies and to large variations. A list of names and addresses of manufacturers marketing the kits and reagents has been compiled, together with a list of the recommended nomenclature of quantities in thrombosis and haemostasis, in order to facilitate the use of the updated version. These lists have been carefully compiled by Johannes J. Sidelmann, PhD, Department of Clinical Biochemistry in Esbjerg, Denmark.


antigen biochemistry blood Laboratory Laboratory Techniques plasma resistance thrombosis

Editors and affiliations

  • J. Jespersen
    • 1
  • R. M. Bertina
    • 2
  • F. Haverkate
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Clinical BiochemistrySouth Jutland University, Ribe County HospitalEsbjergDenmark
  2. 2.Haemostasis and Thrombosis Research CentreLeiden University Medical CentreLeidenThe Netherlands
  3. 3.ECAT FoundationOegstgeestThe Netherlands

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