Plant Biotechnology and In Vitro Biology in the 21st Century

Proceedings of the IXth International Congress of the International Association of Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology Jerusalem, Israel, 14–19 June 1998

  • Arie Altman
  • Meira Ziv
  • Shamay Izhar

Part of the Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture book series (PSBA, volume 36)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Introduction

  3. Plenary Lectures

  4. Symposia

    1. Basic and Applied Aspects of Growth, Development and Differentiation

      1. Veena Agrawal, Surya Prakash, Shrish C. Gupta
        Pages 25-28
      2. Kwang-Tae Choi, Yong-Eui Choi, Deok-Chun Yang, Ji-Chang Park
        Pages 29-32
      3. D. Chriqui, A. Azmi, A. Guivarc’h, A. Chiappeta, W. Dewitte, J. P. Reynoird et al.
        Pages 33-36
      4. Geert-Jan De Klerk, Annie Paffen, Jan Jasik, Vally Haralampieva
        Pages 41-44
      5. Pramod K. Gupta, Roger Timmis
        Pages 49-52
      6. A. Komamine, J. Asami, Y. Endo, Y. Yamanaka, S. Sato, M. Smith et al.
        Pages 65-68
      7. B. Lercari, S. Moscatelli, E. Ghirardi, R. Niceforo, L. Bertram
        Pages 69-72
      8. Andreas P. Mordhorst, Keete J. Voerman, Marijke V. Hartog, Ellen A. Meijer, Jaques van Went, Maarten Koornneef et al.
        Pages 73-76
      9. Michel Petitprez, Henri Barthou, Christian Brière, Gilbert Alibert
        Pages 77-80
      10. T. Tzfira, A. Ya’ari, O. Yarnitzky, J. Riov, A. Altman
        Pages 89-92
      11. M. Vágner, Z. Vondráková, J. Špačková, M. Cvikrová, J. Eder, H. Lipavská et al.
        Pages 93-96
      12. Chun Zhang, Chetan Gadgil, Wei-Shou Hu
        Pages 101-104
    2. Genetic manipulations: Transformation and Gene Expression, Hybridization, Haploidization and Mutagenesis

      1. N. Bohorova, W. Zhang, P. Julstrum, S. McLean, B. Luna, R. M. Brito et al.
        Pages 109-113
      2. M. Cervera, J. Juárez, A. Navarro, J. A. Pina, N. Duran-Vila, L. Navarro et al.
        Pages 115-118
      3. H. Chlyah, S. Cherkaoui, N. Saidi, O. Lamsaouri, M. Mdarhri-Alaoui, H. Benkirane et al.
        Pages 119-122
      4. I. S. Curtis, M. R. Davey, P. Hedden, A. L. Phillips, D. A. Ward, S. G. Thomas et al.
        Pages 123-126
      5. W. Dillen, M. Zambre, J. De Clercq, A. Goossens, J. Kapila, E. Vranová et al.
        Pages 127-130
      6. E. D. Earle, T. Cardi, M. H. Dickson, L. N. Hansen, D. W. Heath, J.-P. Ren et al.
        Pages 131-134
      7. R. Garcia, R. Moran, D. Somontes, J. Mena, E. Pimentel, Z. Zaldua et al.
        Pages 143-146
      8. H. Hauschner, V. Yesodi, S. Izhar, Y. Tabib, N. Firon
        Pages 147-150
      9. John P. Helgeson, Geraldine T. Haberlach
        Pages 151-154
      10. R. Hellens, N. Joyce, P. Mullineaux
        Pages 155-158
      11. Antje Kluth, Dirk Becker, Horst Lörz
        Pages 159-164
      12. I. Kurek, R. Dulberger, P. Christou, A. Breiman
        Pages 165-168
      13. Y. Leitner-Dagan, A. Izhaki, G. Ben-Nissan, A. Borochov, D. Weiss
        Pages 169-172
      14. J. S. McCutchan, P. J. Larkin, P. A. Stoutjesdijk, E. C. K. Pang, P. W. J. Taylor
        Pages 177-180
      15. Pierre Coutos Tevenot, Michel Boulay, Avihai Perl, Sahar Nachman, Gollop Rachel, Elyasi Rafi
        Pages 197-200
      16. Ljiljana Radojevic, Nevena Marinkovic, Sladjana Jevremovic, Dusica Calic
        Pages 201-204
      17. U. Ryschka, G. Schumann, E. Klocke, P. Scholze, R. Krämer
        Pages 205-208
      18. Ziv Shani, Mara Dekel, Galit Tsabary, Christian Sig Jensen, Tzvi Tzfira, Raphael Goren et al.
        Pages 209-212

About this book


Achievements today in plant biotechnology have already surpassed all previous expectations. Plant biotechnology, integrated with classical breeding, is now on the verge of creating the `evergreen revolution' to solve the world's envisaged tripled demand for food, agricultural commodities and natural products. New biotechnologies are being continuously adapted to agricultural practices, opening new vistas for plant utilization. Plant biotechnology is changing the plant scene in three major areas: (1) growth and development control (vegetative, generative and propagation), (2) protecting plants against the ever-increasing threats of abiotic and biotic stress, (3) expanding the horizons by producing specialty foods, biochemicals and pharmaceuticals. The potential for improving plant and animal productivity and their proper use in agriculture relies largely on newly-developed DNA biotechnology and molecular markers. These techniques enable the selection of successful genotypes, better isolation and cloning of favorable traits, and the creating of transgenic organisms of importance to agriculture.
These areas were extensively discussed at the 9th international congress of the International Association of Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, `Plant Biotechnology and In Vitro Biology in the 21st Century', which was held in Jerusalem in June 1998. The present book of proceedings contains the variety of scientific achievements and techniques that were presented: Basic and Applied Aspects of Growth, Development and Differentiation; Genetic Manipulations: Transformation and Gene Expression, Hybridization, Haploidization and Mutagenesis; Genetic Stability and Instability, Selection and Variability; Regulation of Primary and Secondary Metabolism; Model Systems: Cell Cycle, Transport and Signal Transduction; Biotechnology for Plant Protection: Abiotic and Biotic Stress; Biotechnology for Crop Improvement: Yield, Quality and Production of Valuable Substances; Novel Micropropagation Methods; New Markets and Commercial Applications; Intellectual Property Rights.


Expression Transport biotechnology cloning evolution gene expression mutagenesis quality regulation transgen

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  • Arie Altman
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  • Meira Ziv
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  • Shamay Izhar
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  1. 1.Faculty of Agriculture, RehovotThe Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael
  2. 2.Agricultural Research Organization, Bet DaganThe Ministry of AgricultureIsrael

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