Geostatistics and petroleum geology

  • Michael Edward Hohn

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About this book


This is an extensive revision of a book that I wrote over ten years ago. My purpose then has remained unchanged: to introduce the concepts and methods of spatial statistics to geologists and engineers working with oil and gas data. I believe I have accomplished more than that; just as I learned the basics of variography and kriging from books for mining engineers, this book could be used by scientists from many fields to learn the basics of the subject. I have tried to adopt an introductory and practical approach to the subject, knowing that books that detail the theory are available. What I say and write comes from my own experience. As a geologist working in the public sector, I have had the privilege of using geostatistics in funded research, in answering service requests from industry, and in short courses. I have taught geostatistics in the university classroom, and advised graduate students in theses and dissertations. I have attempted to anticipate the needs and questions of the enquiring scientist because I was there myself, and know the kind of questions and concerns I had at the time I was trying to learn the subject.


Fitting Fundament Kriging gas production petroleum geology simulation statistics

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