StarBriefs 2001

A Dictionary of Abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols in Astronomy, Related Space Sciences and Other Related Fields

  • André Heck

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. A
    André Heck
    Pages 3-67
  3. B
    André Heck
    Pages 69-95
  4. C
    André Heck
    Pages 97-169
  5. D
    André Heck
    Pages 171-207
  6. E
    André Heck
    Pages 209-244
  7. F
    André Heck
    Pages 245-271
  8. G
    André Heck
    Pages 273-298
  9. H
    André Heck
    Pages 299-322
  10. I
    André Heck
    Pages 323-373
  11. J
    André Heck
    Pages 375-386
  12. K
    André Heck
    Pages 387-399
  13. L
    André Heck
    Pages 401-429
  14. M
    André Heck
    Pages 431-480
  15. N
    André Heck
    Pages 481-510
  16. O
    André Heck
    Pages 511-534
  17. P
    André Heck
    Pages 535-581
  18. Q
    André Heck
    Pages 583-588
  19. R
    André Heck
    Pages 589-618
  20. S
    André Heck
    Pages 619-693
  21. T
    André Heck
    Pages 695-729
  22. U
    André Heck
    Pages 731-748
  23. V
    André Heck
    Pages 749-765
  24. W
    André Heck
    Pages 767-781
  25. X
    André Heck
    Pages 783-786
  26. Y
    André Heck
    Pages 787-792
  27. Z
    André Heck
    Pages 793-798
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 799-813

About this book


This compilation probably looks like one of the craziest things a human being could spend his or her time on. Yet nobody would wonder at someone taking a short walk every day - after twenty five years that person would have covered a surprisingly long distance. This is exactly the story behind this list, which appeared first as a few pages within the directory StarGuides (or whatever name it had at that time) and as a distinct sister publication since 1990. The idea behind this dictionary is to offer astronomers and related space scientists practical assistance in decoding the numerous abbreviations, acronyms, contractions and symbols which they might encounter in all aspects of the vast range of their professional activities, including traveling. Perhaps it is a bit paradoxical, but if scientists quickly grasp the meaning of an acronym solely in their own specific discipline, they will probably encounter more difficulties when dealing with adjacent fields. It is for this purpose that this dictionary might be most often used. Scientists might also refer to this compilation in order to avoid identifying a project by an acronym which already has too many meanings or confused definitions.


aeronautics astronomy computer science fields geophysics optics physics remote sensing space

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  1. 1.Strasbourg Astronomical ObservatoryFrance

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