Artificial Reefs in European Seas

  • A. C. Jensen
  • K. J. Collins
  • A. P. M. Lockwood

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Altan LÖk, Adnan TokaÇ
    Pages 21-30
  3. Giovanni Bombace, Gianna Fabi, Loris Fiorentini
    Pages 31-63
  4. Silvano Riggio, Fabio Badalamenti, Giovanni D’Anna
    Pages 65-73
  5. Fabio Badalamenti, Giovanni D’Anna, Silvano Riggio
    Pages 75-96
  6. Giovanni D’Anna, Fabio Badalamenti, Silvano Riggio
    Pages 97-112
  7. Giandomenico Ardizzone, Alessandra Somaschini, Andrey Belluscio
    Pages 113-128
  8. Giulio Relini
    Pages 129-149
  9. Denis Allemand, Eugene Debernardi, William Seaman Jr.
    Pages 151-166
  10. Gilbert BarnabÉ, Eric Charbonnel, Jean-Yves Marinaro, Denis Ody, Patrice Francour
    Pages 167-184
  11. Silvia Revenga, Fransisco FernÁndez, Jose Luis GonzÁlez, Eladio Santaella
    Pages 185-194
  12. Alfonso A. Ramos-EsplÁ, Juan E. GuillÉn, Just T. Bayle, Pablo SÁnchez-JÉrez
    Pages 195-218
  13. Ricardo Haroun, Rogelio Herrera
    Pages 235-247
  14. Carlos Costa Monteiro, Miguel Neves Santos
    Pages 249-261
  15. Antony Jensen, Ken Collins, Philip Smith
    Pages 263-287
  16. Rob Leewis, Frank Hallie
    Pages 289-305
  17. Alexander Antsulevich, Pasi Laihonen, Ilppo Vuorinen
    Pages 319-329
  18. Gordon Picken, Mark Baine, Louise Heaps, Jonathan Side
    Pages 331-342
  19. Giulio Relini
    Pages 343-364
  20. Eric Charbonnel, Patrice Francour, Jean-Georges Harmelin, Denis Ody, FrÉdÉric Bachet
    Pages 365-377
  21. Antony Jensen, John Wickins, Colin Bannister
    Pages 379-401
  22. Ben Hamer, John Gardner, Robert Runcie
    Pages 403-417
  23. Rob Leewis, Godfried Van Moorsel, Hans Waardenburg
    Pages 419-434
  24. Annalisa Falace, Guido Bressan
    Pages 435-449
  25. David Whitmarsh, Helen Pickering
    Pages 451-467
  26. Antony Jensen, Ken Collins, Peter Lockwood
    Pages 489-499
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 501-508

About this book


Artificial Reefs in European Seas focuses on artificial reef research in the Mediterranean and NE Atlantic. The book describes most of the long-term projects running in European seas, presents the legal and economic issues, and suggests future uses for artificial reefs in the European context.
Readership: Professionals working on or interested in the uses of artificial reefs for fishery management, coastal zone management, aquaculture and nature conservation. The case studies of reef research programmes make the book ideal for degree students studying topics in ecology, and fisheries and coastal management.


Europe aquaculture ecology environment evolution fish nature conservation reefs

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  • A. C. Jensen
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  • K. J. Collins
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  • A. P. M. Lockwood
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  1. 1.School of Ocean and Earth Science, Southampton Oceanography CentreUniversity of SouthamptonSouthamptonUK

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