Astrophysics in the Extreme Ultraviolet

Proceedings of Colloquium No. 152 of the International Astronomical Union, held in Berkeley, California, March 27–30, 1995

  • Stuart Bowyer
  • Roger F. Malina

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Summaries of Recent Missions

    1. M. Lampton, S. Bowyer, J. Lewis, X. Wu, P. Jelinsky, R. Lieu et al.
      Pages 5-6
    2. Paul Mcgale, J. P. Pye, C. R. Barber, C. G. Page
      Pages 15-19
    3. Hideyo Kunieda, Koujun Yamashita, Takashi Yamazaki, Kazuaki Ikeda, Kazutami Misaki, Yoshiyuki Takizawa et al.
      Pages 21-26
  3. Extragalactic Sources in the EUV

    1. R. Lieu, J. P. D. Mittaz, S. Bowyer, J. H. M. M. Schmitt, J. Lewis
      Pages 37-43
    2. J. P. D. Mittaz, R. Lieu, S. Bowyer, C.-Y. Hwang, J. Lewis
      Pages 45-49
    3. J. S. Kaastra, R. Mewe, N. Roos
      Pages 51-55
    4. D. A. Liedahl, F. Paerels, M. Y. Hur, S. M. Kahn, A. Fruscione, S. Bowyer
      Pages 57-61
    5. C.-Y. Hwang, S. Bowyer, M. Lampton
      Pages 75-80
  4. Coronae of Cool Stars

    1. Carole Jordan
      Pages 81-88
    2. J. J. Drake, J. M. Laming, K. G. Widing
      Pages 97-104
    3. Nancy S. Brickhouse
      Pages 105-112
    4. Thomas R. Ayres
      Pages 113-120
    5. C. J. Schrijver, G. H. J. Van Den Oord, R. Mewe, J. S. Kaastra
      Pages 121-128
    6. R. A. Stern, J. J. Drake
      Pages 135-140
    7. A. K. Dupree, N. S. Brickhouse, G. J. Hanson
      Pages 141-145
    8. Stephen A. Drake, Kulinder P. Singh, Nicholas E. White
      Pages 147-151
    9. S. L. Cully, G. H. Fisher, S. L. Hawley, T. Simon
      Pages 153-158
    10. Slavek M. Rucinski, Rolf Mewe, Jelle S. Kaastra, Osmi Vilhu, Stephen M. White
      Pages 159-164
    11. S. M. White, J. Lim, S. M. Rucinski, G. Roberts, D. Kilkenny, S. G. Ryan et al.
      Pages 165-169
    12. M. A. Livshits, M. M. Katsova
      Pages 171-174
    13. M. M. Katsova, J. J. Drake, M. A. Livshits
      Pages 175-180
    14. Alvaro Giménez, Constanze La Dous
      Pages 181-182
  5. White Dwarf Structure/Evolution

    1. Detlev Koester
      Pages 185-192
    2. Stéphane Vennes
      Pages 193-202
    3. Martin A. Barstow, Ivan Hubeny, Thierry Lanz, Jay B. Holberg, Edward M. Sion
      Pages 203-210
    4. P. Chayer, S. Vennes, A. K. Pradhan, P. Thejll, A. Beauchamp, G. Fontaine et al.
      Pages 211-215
    5. Jean Dupuis, Stéphane Vennes
      Pages 217-222
    6. Klaus Werner, Stefan Dreizler, Ulrich Heber, Thomas Rauch
      Pages 229-234
    7. S. Jordan, D. Koester, D. Finley
      Pages 235-240
    8. R. Napiwotzki, S. Jordan, S. Bowyer, M. Hurwitz, D. Koester, T. Rauch et al.
      Pages 241-246
  6. The Interstellar Medium and Diffuse Background

    1. Donald P. Cox
      Pages 247-254
    2. Fredrick C. Brühweiler
      Pages 261-268
    3. W. T. Sanders, R. J. Edgar
      Pages 269-275
    4. J. V. Vallerga, B. Y. Welsh
      Pages 277-282
    5. Barham W. Smith, T. E. Pfafman, J. J. Bloch, B. C. Edwards
      Pages 283-287
    6. C. Gry, L. Lemonon, A. Vidal-Madjar, M. Lemoine, R. Ferlet
      Pages 299-299
  7. Cataclysmic Variable Stars

    1. Knox S. Long
      Pages 301-308

About these proceedings


From the beginning of Space Astronomy, the Extreme Ultraviolet band of the spectrum (roughly defined as the decade in energy from 90-900 Å) was deemed to be the `unobservable ultraviolet'. Pioneering results from an EUV telescope on the Apollo-Soyuz Mission in 1975 forcibly demonstrated that this view was incorrect; but it required the all-sky surveys of the English Wide-Field Camera and the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer to demonstrate the broad potential of this field. Over 700 EUV sources have now been detected.
Over 150 researchers from 16 countries gathered to share results in this new field at the International Astronomical Union Colloquium No. 152. Papers were presented on a wide variety of topics including cool star coronae, white dwarf atmospheres and evolution, neutron stars, the Io torus, cataclysmic variable stars, active galactic nuclei, the interstellar medium, winds and atmospheres of early type stars, and EUV plasma diagnostics.
Selected manuscripts from this meeting are provided in these Conference Proceedings.


active galactic nuclei astronomy astrophysics interstellar matter neutron star solar system star stellar telescope

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