Nitrogen Fixation

Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation with Non-Legumes, Florence, Italy, 10–14 September 1990

  • M. Polsinelli
  • R. Materassi
  • M. Vincenzini

Part of the Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences book series (DPSS, volume 48)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Opening lecture

  3. Free living diazotrophs

    1. Christina Kennedy, Anil Bali, Gonzalo Blanco, Asunscion Contreras, Martin Drummond, Mike Merrick et al.
      Pages 13-23
    2. R. Kreutzer, H.-D. Steibl, S. Dayananda, R. Dippe, L. Halda, M. Buck et al.
      Pages 25-36
  4. Posters

    1. N. Miclaus, C. Vannini, E. Gregori, G. Chini-Zittelli, P. Coianiz
      Pages 57-58
    2. G. Blanco, F. Ramos, J. R. Medina, J. C. Gutierrez, Ma. Tortolero
      Pages 59-60
    3. L. A. Syrtsova, S. Yu. Drujinin, A. M. Usenskaya, G. I. Likhtenstein
      Pages 61-62
    4. F. Bermudez De Castro, F. Llinares, J. M. Pozuelo, F. J. Gutierrez Mañero
      Pages 63-64
    5. A. Pidello, L. Menendez
      Pages 67-68
    6. N. Miclaus, E. Gregori, C. Piovanelli, G. Chini-Zittelli, C. Vannini, P. Coianiz et al.
      Pages 69-70
    7. D. M. S. Mano, K. Buff, T. Langenbach
      Pages 71-72
    8. T. Langenbach, E. Clausen, D. M. S. Mano
      Pages 73-74
    9. Y. Z. Ishac, M. A. Ahmed, S. H. El-Deeb
      Pages 75-75
    10. P. Montaini, L. Brighigna, S. Fedi, F. Favilli
      Pages 77-78
  5. Root-associated diazotrophs

    1. C. Elmerich, M. de Zamaroczy, C. Vieille, F. Delorme, I. Onyeocha, Y. Y. Liang et al.
      Pages 79-87
    2. Robert H. Burris, Anton Hartmann, Yaoping Zhang, Haian Fu
      Pages 89-96
    3. J. Boonjawat, P. Chaisiri, J. Limpananont, S. Soontaros, P. Pongsawasdi, S. Chaopongpang et al.
      Pages 97-103
    4. R. M. Boddey, S. Urquiaga, V. Reis, J. Döbereiner
      Pages 105-111
    5. Yaacov Okon, Tami Bar, Sara Tal, Eli Zaady
      Pages 113-125
    6. C. Schipani, M. Bazzicalupo, A. Bussotti, R. Fani, E. Gallori, A. Grifoni et al.
      Pages 127-132
    7. M. A. Knopik, S. Funayama, L. U. Rigo, E. M. Souza, H. B. Machado, F. O. Pedrosa
      Pages 133-138
    8. Anita Haegi, Maddalena Del Gallo
      Pages 147-153
    9. A. Hartmann, S. R. Prabhu, E. A. Galinski
      Pages 155-159
    10. P. Barbieri, C. Baggio, M. Bazzicalupo, E. Galli, G. Zanetti, M. P. Nuti
      Pages 161-168
    11. S. Ventura, L. Giovannetti, A. Gori, S. Maruca, P. Montaini
      Pages 169-174
    12. C. B. You, W. Song, H. X. Wang, J. P. Li, M. Lin, W. L. Hai
      Pages 195-199
    13. K. Michiels, A. Vande Broek, M. Eyers, C. Croes, A. Milcamps, P. De Troch et al.
      Pages 219-224
    14. J. P. Pimentel, F. Olivares, R. M. Pitard, S. Urquiaga, F. Akiba, J. Döbereiner
      Pages 225-229
    15. T. Hurek, B. Reinhold-Hurek, M. Van Montagu, E. Kellenberger
      Pages 235-242
    16. Y. T. Tchan, A. M. M. Zeman, I. R. Kennedy
      Pages 269-273
    17. A. J. Palomares, A. Cebolla, M. A. Caviedes, B. Sanchez, D. N. Rodriguez, J. A. Muñoz et al.
      Pages 275-281
  6. Posters

    1. L. Civardi, M. Delledonne, M. Marudelli, C. Fogher
      Pages 283-284
    2. M. Delledonne, R. Porcari, C. Fogher
      Pages 285-286

About this book


The Fifth International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation with Non-legumes was held in Florence (Italy) on 10-14 September, 1990. Earlier Symposia of this series were held in Piracicaba (Brazil), Banf Alberta (Canada), Helsinki (Finland) and Rio De Janeiro (Brazil). The Symposium's main objectives were to bring together scientists working in many different fields of nitrogen fixation, to stimulate discussion on this important process and to have an appraisal of the most recent studies concerning nitrogen fixation with non-legumes. The Symposium was attended by 230 scientists from 32 different countries. This volume collects the contributions of 65 lectures and 87 posters, which are an up-to-date account of the state of knowledge on biological nitrogen fixation with non-legumes. The book provides a valuable reference source not only for specialists in nitrogen fixation, but also for researchers working on related aspects of agronomy, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology and plant physiology. It is with great pleasure that we aknowledge the contributions of the authors in assuring the prompt pubblication of this volume. We would also like to express our thanks to Kluwer Academic Publishers B.V. for the publication of these Proceedings. M. Polsinelli R. Materassi M. Vincenzini ORGANIZING COMMITTEE President M. Polsinelli M. Vincenzini Secretary F. Favilli Treasurer E. Galli E. Gallori L. Giovannetti R. Materassi M.P. Nuti M.R. Tredici SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE M. Bazzicalupo Florence, Italy H. Bothe Cologne, West Germany R.H. Burris Madison, U.S.A.



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