Nitrogen Turnover in the Soil-Crop System

Modelling of Biological Transformations, Transport of Nitrogen and Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Proceedings of a Workshop held at the Institute for Soil Fertility Research, Haren, The Netherlands, 5–6 June 1990

  • J. J. R. Groot
  • P. De Willigen
  • E. L. J. Verberne

Part of the Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences book series (DPSS, volume 44)

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  2. H. van Keulen, W. Stol
    Pages 151-160
  3. F. Cabon, G. Girard, E. Ledoux
    Pages 161-169
  4. L. Bergström, H. Johnsson, G. Torstensson
    Pages 181-188
  5. P. E. Rijtema, J. G. Kroes
    Pages 189-198
  6. H. Vereecken, M. Vanclooster, M. Swerts, J. Diels
    Pages 233-243
  7. J. J. R. Groot, P. de Willigen
    Pages 261-271
  8. A. P. Whitmore, K. W. Coleman, N. J. Bradbury, T. M. Addiscott
    Pages 283-291
  9. H. Eckersten, P.-E. Jansson
    Pages 313-329
  10. B. Huwe, R. R. van der Ploeg
    Pages 331-339
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 385-386

About this book


In the Netherlands the Institute for Soil Fertility Research plays a major role in soil biological, soil physical and plant nutritional research on the availability of nitrogen to crops. Main subjects of research are nitrogen turnover in the crop-soil ecosystem through biological transformations, nitrogen transport through the soil and nitrogen losses by leaching, denitrification and volatilization, and nitrogen use efficiency of various crops and cropping systems. The current knowledge in the different fields of research is integrated in simulation models. Simulation models not only make it possible to summarize and structure knowledge, but also, after verification, to extra- late the knowledge to situations different from the situations that have actually been studied. Such research is also carried out in other European and non-European countries. To compare the various simulation models currently in use, a workshop was organized by the Institute for Soil Fertility Research on 5-6 June 1990 on the occasion of its centennial. The title of the workshop was 'Nitrogen turnover in the soil-crop ::cosystem: modelling of biological transformations, transport of nitrogen and nitrogen use efficiency'. The 40 Jarticipants, who came from Canada and various European countries, were requested to run their model with data Jrovided by the Institute prior to the workshop. Data from 18 cases were made available to the participants: three ocations, three treatments, and two seasons.


nitrogen soil transport

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  • J. J. R. Groot
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  • P. De Willigen
  • E. L. J. Verberne
  1. 1.Institute for Soil Fertility ResearchHarenThe Netherlands

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