Environmental Assessment and Habitat Evaluation of the Upper Great Lakes Connecting Channels

  • Editors
  • M.¬†Munawar
  • T.¬†Edsall

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 65)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. A. J. Burt, P. M. McKee, D. R. Hart, P. B. Kauss
    Pages 63-81
  3. Ronald W. Griffiths, Stewart Thornley, Thomas A. Edsall
    Pages 97-123
  4. M. Munawar, I. F. Munawar, W. G. Sprules
    Pages 203-227
  5. W. Gary Sprules, M. Munawar
    Pages 229-237
  6. T. F. Nalepa, W. S. Gardner, J. M. Malczyk
    Pages 239-250
  7. Alexander E. Maccubbin, Noreen Ersing
    Pages 301-306
  8. S. J. Nichols, B. A. Manny, D. W. Schloesser, T. A. Edsall
    Pages 307-315
  9. B. A. Manny, S. J. Nichols, D. W. Schloesser
    Pages 333-344
  10. D. W. Schloesser, T. A. Edsall, B. A. Manny, S. J. Nichols
    Pages 345-352
  11. Thomas A. Edsall, Bruce A. Manny, Donald W. Schloesser, Susan J. Nichols, Anthony M. Frank
    Pages 353-361

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