Molecular Basis of Neurological Disorders and Their Treatment

  • J. W. Gorrod
  • O. Albano
  • E. Ferrari
  • S. Papa

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Biochemical Function, Probes and Imaging

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. S. Papa, F. Guerrieri, F. Zanotti
      Pages 15-30
    3. P. Riccio, A. Bobba, G. M. Liuzzi, T. Zacheo, E. Quagliariello
      Pages 57-64
    4. A. Bruni, L. Mietto, F. Bellini, D. Ponzin, E. Caselli, G. Toffano
      Pages 65-72
    5. G. Gennarini, F. Vitiello, P. Corsi, G. Cibelli, M. Buttiglione, C. Di Benedetta
      Pages 73-79
    6. C. Alafaci, F. M. Salpietro, F. Tomasello
      Pages 80-92
    7. W. Heindel, W. Steinbrich, J. Bunke, G. Friedmann
      Pages 100-106
    8. G. L. Lenzi, A. Padovani, P. Pantano, M. Iacoboni, M. Ricci, P. Franco et al.
      Pages 107-111
  3. Neuropathies, Myopathies and other Dysfunctions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 113-113
    2. H. Somer, R. O. Roine
      Pages 115-128
    3. Gregory J. Del Zoppo
      Pages 139-153
    4. S. M. Medd, J. E. Walker, I. M. Fearnley, R. D. Jolly, D. N. Palmer
      Pages 154-165
    5. T. Ozawa, M. Tanaka, W. Sato, K. Ohno, M. Yoneda, T. Yamamoto
      Pages 173-190
    6. J. Poulton, M. E. Deadman, M. Solymar, S. Ramcharan, R. M. Gardiner
      Pages 191-199
    7. B. Kadenbach, P. Seibel, M. A. Johnson, D. Turnbull
      Pages 200-208
    8. E. A. Schon, C. T. Moraes, S. Mita, H. Nakase, A. Lombes, S. Shanske et al.
      Pages 209-220
    9. C. Marsac, F. Degoul, D. Francois, N. B. Romero, M. Fardeau, P. Lestienne et al.
      Pages 221-227
    10. N. Bresolin, I. Moroni, E. Ciafaloni, M. Moggio, G. Meola, A. Gatti et al.
      Pages 228-242
    11. A. Oldfors, E. Holme, B. Kristiansson, N.-G. Larsson, M. Tulinius
      Pages 243-254
    12. C. Angelini, A. Martinuzzi, M. Fanin, M. Rosa, R. Carrozzo, L. Vergani
      Pages 255-262
  4. Pharmacological Agents and Toxic Insults

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 263-263
    2. M. R. Carratù, D. Mitolo-Chieppa
      Pages 265-271
    3. Z. Drahota, J. Mourek, H. Rauchová, S. Trojan
      Pages 289-295
    4. D. Di Monte, K. P. Scotcher, E. Y. Wu
      Pages 296-302
    5. E. Daniele, M. D. Lograno, C. Lopez, F. Battaini, M. Trabucchi, S. Govoni
      Pages 303-314
    6. J. W. Gorrod, M. S. Feldman, A. Kler, A. Rosen
      Pages 315-324
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 325-337

About this book


cytochemical techniques (ICC) which provide a useful adjunct to investigations by immunoblotting. A particular advantage of a cytochemical approach to the investiga­ tion of mitochondrial disorders is that it allows the mosaic distribution of certain of these defects to be detected, whereas the tissue homogeniza­ tion involved in conventional enzyme assays or immunoblotting precludes this. A further advantage of MEA or ICC is that only small amounts of tissue are needed, which is important since many of the affected patients are infants or small children. The main aim of this communica­ tion is to outline ways in which these techniques can be used in the diagnosis and further investigation of mitochondrial disorders. Reference will be made not only to those situations in which MEA and ICC offer advantages over standard enzyme asays and immunoblotting but also to contexts in which the reverse applies. 4. 2 MATERIALS AND METHODS Muscle biopsies for cytochemical investigation were snap-frozen using isopentane cooled to - 150°C in liquid nitrogen. Samples were stored in heat-sealed polythene packets in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen containers. 4. 2. 1 Microphotometric enzyme assays Frozen sections 8 Jlm thick were cut using a Reichert-J ung Frigocut cryostat microtome equipped with motor-driven cutting action to maintain maximal reproducibility of section thickness. Sections were picked up on microscope slides and air-dried for 15 min at room temperature.


Nervous System biochemistry brain brain injury central nervous system cerebral cortex cortex genetics muscle nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) receptor stroke system tissue

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  • J. W. Gorrod
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  • O. Albano
  • E. Ferrari
  • S. Papa
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  1. 1.Chelsea Department of Pharmacy, King’s College LondonUniversity of LondonLondonUK
  2. 2.Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Chemistry and Centre for the Study of Mitochondria and Energy MetabolismUniversity of BariItaly

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