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Bioethics Yearbook

Regional Developments in Bioethics: 1989–1991

  • Editors
  • B. Andrew Lustig
  • Baruch A. Brody
  • H. Tristram EngelhardtJr.
  • Laurence B. Mccullough

Part of the Bioethics Yearbook book series (BIYB, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Lisa S. Parker, Athena Beldecos, Lissa Wettick, Michael Manolakis, Robert Arnold
    Pages 1-50
  3. John R. Williams
    Pages 51-81
  4. Jose A. Mainetti, Gustavo Pis Diez, Juan C. Tealdi
    Pages 83-96
  5. Jos V. M. Welie, Henk A. M. J. Ten Have
    Pages 97-126
  6. David Greaves, Martyn Evans, Derek Morgan, Neil Pickering, Hugh Upton
    Pages 127-152
  7. Anne Fagot-Largeault
    Pages 153-190
  8. Maurice A. M. De Wachter, G. M. W. R. De Wert, R. H. J. Ter Meulen, R. L. P. Berghmans, H. A. E. Zwart, I. Ravenschlag et al.
    Pages 191-210
  9. Francesc Abel, Ma Pilar Nuñez
    Pages 251-278
  10. Reidar K. Lie, Jens Erik Paulsen
    Pages 279-307
  11. Ishwar C. Verma
    Pages 309-341
  12. R. Angeles Tan Alora
    Pages 343-353
  13. Ren-Zong Qiu, Da-Jie Jin
    Pages 355-377
  14. Kazumasa Hoshino
    Pages 379-387
  15. Max Charlesworth, Alastair V. Campbell
    Pages 389-416
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 201-247

About this book


As noted in Volume 1, the Yearbook series alternates between a biennial volume tracing recent theological discussions on topics in bioethics and a biennial volume tracing recent regional discussions in bioethics. Volume 2 provides for the first time a comprehensive single-volume summary of recent international and regional developments on specific topics in bioethics.
To give uniformity to the discussions all authors were asked to report on the following topics: new reproductive technologies, abortion, maternal-fetal conflicts, case of severely disabled newborns, consent of treatment and experimentation, confidentiality, equitable access to health care, ethical concerns raised by cost-containment measures, decisions to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment, active euthanasia, the definition of death, organ donation and transplantation.
The internationally respected contributors report on the following 16 areas: the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Spain/Portugal/Italy/Scandinavia, India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Council of Europe/EEC.
The commentators draw on three sets of resources:
  • Statutes, legislative proposals, and regulatory changes that directly influence, or have implications for, areas of bioethical concern;
  • Case law and court judgments that shape, either decisively or suggestively, recent legal interpretations of particular issues of areas in bioethics;
  • Formal statements of governmentally appointed commissions, advisory bodies, and representative professional groups, as well as less formal statements and recommendations of other organisations.
In addition to providing timely summaries of recent developments, the volume offers rich and useful bibliographical references to a wide array of documents, many of which would be difficult for readers to learn about, given the lack of centralized international collection of such documents.
The Yearbook should be widely consulted by all bioethicists, public policy analysts, lawyers and theologians.


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