The Daily Growth Cycle of Phytoplankton

Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop of the Group for Aquatic Primary Productivity (GAP), held at Breukelen, The Netherlands 20–28 April 1990

  • Editors
  • T. Berman
  • H. J. Gons
  • L. R. Mur

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 76)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. The Daily Growth Cycle

  3. Daily Patterns of Growth in Culture and Lake

    1. Johan U. Grobbelaar, Bernd M. A. Kroon, Tineke Burger-Wiersma, Luuc R. Mur
      Pages 53-62
    2. Bernd M. A. Kroon, Udo M. van Hes, Luuc R. Mur
      Pages 63-70
    3. Bernd M. A. Kroon, Mikel Latasa, Bas W. Ibelings, Luuc R. Mur
      Pages 71-78
    4. Bernd M. A. Kroon, Tineke Burger-Wiersma, Petra M. Visser, Luuc R. Mur
      Pages 79-88
    5. Hans W. Balfoort, Thomas Berman, Serge Y. Maestrini, Andrea Wenzel, Tamar Zohary
      Pages 89-97
    6. Jacco Kromkamp, Ferdinand Schanz, Machteld Rijkeboer, Elisa Berdalet, Bomchul Kim, Herman J. Gons
      Pages 111-118
    7. Stiig Markager, Anne-Mette Jespersen, Tom Vindbæk Madsen, Elisa Berdalet, Richard Weisburd
      Pages 119-130
  4. Cell Cycle and Productivity

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