The Logic of Gersonides

A Translation of Sefer ha-Heqqesh ha-Yashar (The Book of the Correct Syllogism) of Rabbi Levi ben Gershom with Introduction, Commentary, and Analytical Glossary

  • Charles H. Manekin

Part of the The New Synthese Historical Library book series (SYNL, volume 40)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. On the Simple Sentence and what Follows from It

    1. Charles H. Manekin
      Pages 1-52
  3. The Book Of The Correct Syllogism

    1. Charles H. Manekin
      Pages 53-54
  4. On the Simple Sentence and what Follows from It

  5. On the Explanation when there will be a Syllogism from the Premises and when there will not, and what will be the Mode In Simple Syllogisms, I Mean, Possessing One Mode, and those Mixed with Several Modes

    1. Charles H. Manekin
      Pages 116-128
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      Pages 346-346
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 310-345

About this book


In the great libraries of Europe and the United States, hidden in fading manuscripts on forgotten shelves, lie the works of medieval Hebrew logic. From the end of the twelfth century through the Renaissance, Jews wrote and translated commentaries and original compositions in Aristotelian logic. One can say without exaggeration that wherever Jews studied philosophy - Spain, France, Northern Africa, Germany, Palestine - they began their studies with logic. Yet with few exceptions, the manuscripts that were catalogued in the last century have failed to arouse the interest of modem scholars. While the history of logic is now an established sub-discipline of the history of philosophy, the history of Hebrew logic is only in its infancy. The present work contains a translation and commentary of what is arguably the greatest work of Hebrew logic, the Sefer ha-Heqqesh ha-Yashar (The Book of the Correct Syllogism) of Levi ben Gershom (Gersonides; 1288-1344). Gersonides is well known today as a philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and biblical exegete. But in the Middle Ages he was also famous for his prowess as a logician. The Correct Syllogism is his attempt to construct a theory of the syllogism that is free of what he considers to be the 'mistakes' of Aristotle, as interpreted by the Moslem commentator A verroes. It is an absorbing, challenging work, first written by Gersonides when he was merely thirty-one years old, then significantly revised by him. The translation presented here is of the revised version.


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