Cognition, Semantics and Philosophy

Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Cognitive Science

  • Jesús Ezquerro
  • Jesús M. Larrazabal

Part of the Philosophical Studies Series book series (PSSP, volume 52)

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  2. M. Felisa Verdejo
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  3. Dorothy Edgington
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  4. M. Teresa Espinal
    Pages 75-105
  5. Keith Stenning
    Pages 107-127
  6. Victor Sánchez de Zavala
    Pages 129-178
  7. Nick Braisby, Bradley Franks, Terry Myers
    Pages 179-207
  8. Daniel Quesada
    Pages 209-233
  9. Jean-Francois Le Ny
    Pages 273-292
  10. Christopher Peacocke
    Pages 293-322
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About this book


THE PLACE OF PHILOSOPHY IN COGNITIVE SCIENCE During the last few years, many books have been published and many meetings have been held on Cognitive Science. A cursory review of their contents shows such a diversity of topics and approaches that one might well infer that there are no genuine criteria for classifying a paper or a lecture as a contribution to Cognitive Science. It is as though the only criterion is to have appeared in a book or in the programme of a meeting or title we can find the expression " . . . Cognitive Science" in whose name or something like that. Perhaps this situation is due to the (relative) youth of the field, which is seeking its own identity, still involved in a process of formation and consolidation within the scientific community; but there are actually deep disagreements about how a science of the mind should be worked out, including how to understand its own subject, that is, "the mind. "While for some the term makes reference to a set of phenomena impossible to grasp by any scientific approach, for others "the mind" would be a sort of myth, and the mental terms await elimination by other more handy and empirically tractable terms.


Syntax artificial intelligence cognition cognitive science communication intelligence issue knowledge knowledge-based system knowledge-based systems philosophy pragmatics semantic semantics

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