Morphological and Physical Classification of Galaxies

Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte Held in Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi, Italy, September 3–7, 1990

  • G. Longo
  • M. Capaccioli
  • G. Busarello
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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Invited Papers: Galaxy Types

    1. H. Jerjen, G. A. Tammann, B. Binggeli
      Pages 17-22
    2. M. Franx
      Pages 23-38
    3. P. C. van der Kruit
      Pages 39-52
    4. J. M. Schombert
      Pages 53-68
    5. J.-L. Nieto
      Pages 69-83
  3. Invited Papers: Galaxian Components

    1. M. Capaccioli, N. Caon
      Pages 99-114
    2. F. Bertola
      Pages 115-126
    3. E. Athanassoula
      Pages 127-138
    4. T. de Zeeuw
      Pages 139-152
    5. S. M. Kent
      Pages 153-162
    6. C. Pryor
      Pages 163-178
    7. L. Ciotti, A. D’Ercole, S. Pellegrini, A. Renzini
      Pages 179-190
    8. F. Macchetto, W. B. Sparks
      Pages 191-206
    9. A. Bosma
      Pages 207-220
    10. M. Balcells
      Pages 221-232
    11. J. H. van Gorkom
      Pages 233-238
    12. R. Sancisi
      Pages 239-244
    13. Ph. Prugniel, E. Bica, D. Alloin
      Pages 261-264
  4. Invited Papers: Environment and Systematics

    1. F. Combes
      Pages 265-276
    2. Joshua E. Barnes
      Pages 277-292
    3. J. W. Sulentic
      Pages 293-308
    4. D. Merritt
      Pages 309-320
    5. S. Djorgovski
      Pages 337-356
  5. Poster Papers

    1. S. Djorgovski, R. de Carvalho
      Pages 379-380
    2. O. R. Hainaut, B. J. Jarvis
      Pages 381-384
    3. J.-L. Nieto, Ch. Lagoute
      Pages 387-388
    4. C. Scorza, R. Bender
      Pages 389-390
    5. G. Bertin, R. P. Saglia, M. Stiavelli
      Pages 391-392
    6. W. B. Sparks, F. Macchetto, D. Fraix-Burnet, R. Bender, M. Capaccioli, J.-L. Nieto
      Pages 393-394
    7. D. Fraix-Burnet, F. Macchetto, W. Sparks
      Pages 395-396
    8. F. Bertola, L. M. Buson, W. W. Zeilinger
      Pages 397-398
    9. A. Paquet, R. Bender, W. Seifert
      Pages 399-400
    10. A. Danks, M. Pérez
      Pages 401-402
    11. E. Davoust, S. Considère, Ph. Prugniel, N. Denis
      Pages 403-404
    12. G. C. Baiesi-Pillastrini, V. Tornatore, G. G. C. Palumbo, P. Hickson, C. Mendes de Oliveira
      Pages 405-406
    13. M. Prieto, A. Campos Aguilar, C. García
      Pages 407-408
    14. A. Biviano, M. Girardi, G. Giuricin, F. Mardirossian, M. Mezzetti
      Pages 413-414
    15. M. Girardi, A. Biviano, G. Giuricin, F. Mardirossian, M. Mezzetti
      Pages 419-420

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The morphological scheme devised by Hubble and followers to classify galaxies has proven over many decades to be quite effective in directing our quest for the fundamental pa­ rameters describing the extragalactic manifold. This statement is however far more true for spirals than for ellipticals. Echoing the concluding remarks in Scott Tremaine's sum­ mary talk at the Princeton meeting on Structure and Dynamics of Elliptical Galaxies, "the Hubble classification of spirals is useful because many properties of spirals (gas con­ tent, spiral arm morphology, bulge prominence, etc. ) all correlate with Hubble time. By contrast, almost nothing correlates with the elliptical Hubble sequence El to E7. " During the last few years much effort has been put into the search for a more meaningful classification of ellipticals than Hubble's. Concomitantly, forwarded by some provocative conjectures by R. Michard, the classical question of whether E galaxies form a physically homogeneous family has been brushed up once more. Results of these and other parallel studies look rather promising and point to suture part of the dichotomy between ellipticals and disk galaxies which had become popular in the early eighties, owing to dynamical arguments. At the same time it appears more and more clear that, besides the usual genetic varieties of galaxies, products of environmental evolution must also be contemplated in building our modern picture of the "reign of galaxies" . The above considerations prompted us to solicit Prof.


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