Glucagon in Acute Medicine

Pharmacological, clinical and therapeutic implications

  • Editors
  • J.¬†Picazo

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Pierre J. Lefèbvre
    Pages 1-10
  3. Gary P. Zaloga
    Pages 11-25
  4. James E. Wilson, P. B. Fontanarosa
    Pages 27-36
  5. Simon P. Ros
    Pages 37-46
  6. Michael B. Heller, R. B. Vukmir
    Pages 47-65
  7. John A. Henry
    Pages 67-81
  8. Jack L. Cronenwett
    Pages 83-105
  9. Atsushi Oshima, M. Kitajima
    Pages 107-118
  10. David L. Carr-Locke
    Pages 141-154
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 155-172

About this book


An up-to-date account of the use of the gastrointestinal hormone glucagon in different clinical emergencies.
An international group of experts from different fields of medicine cover a wide range of situations within acute medicine: cardiology, internal medicine, endocrinology, diabetology, clinical toxicology, surgery, paediatrics, gastroenterology, hepatology and radiology.
Based on an Intenational Workshop held in Barcelona in October 1992, this volume, the fourth in the series, contributes to the growing interest in the importance of glucagon both as a diagnostic tool and as a therapeutic agent in acute medicine. It will be of value to physicians and emergency and critical care specialists as well as researchers interested in this fascinating hormone.


Internal medicine Surgery critical care gastroenterology radiology toxicology

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