Modern Group Analysis: Advanced Analytical and Computational Methods in Mathematical Physics

Proceedings of the International Workshop Acireale, Catania, Italy, October 27–31, 1992

  • N. H. Ibragimov
  • M. Torrisi
  • A. Valenti

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Ian Anderson, Niky Kamran, Peter J. Olver
    Pages 7-21
  3. Robert L. Anderson, Piotr W. Hebda, Guy Rideau
    Pages 23-33
  4. Paolo Casati, Franco Magri, Marco Pedroni
    Pages 101-110
  5. Giacomo Caviglia, Angelo Morro
    Pages 111-123
  6. C. Cercignani
    Pages 125-136
  7. Peter A. Clarkson, Elizabeth L. Mansfield
    Pages 155-171
  8. A. Dewisme, S. Bouquet, P. G. L. Leach
    Pages 173-179
  9. M. J. Englefield
    Pages 203-208
  10. D. Fusco, N. Manganaro
    Pages 223-229
  11. F. M. Mahomed, A. H. Kara, P. G. L. Leach
    Pages 273-276
  12. L. V. Ovsiannikov
    Pages 277-289
  13. Edvige Pucci, Giuseppe Saccomandi
    Pages 291-298
  14. G. R. W. Quispel, R. Sahadevan
    Pages 299-302
  15. C. Rogers, C. Hoenselaers, U. Ramgulam
    Pages 317-328
  16. Joachim Schü, Werner M. Seiler, Jacques Calmet
    Pages 337-344
  17. Erdoğan S. Şuhubi
    Pages 353-365
  18. M. Torrisi, R. Tracinà, A. Valenti
    Pages 367-375

About this book


On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Sophus Lie, an International Work­ shop "Modern Group Analysis: advanced analytical and computational methods in mathematical physics" has been organized in Acireale (Catania, Sicily, October 27­ 31, 1992). The Workshop was aimed to enlighten the present state ofthis rapidly expanding branch of applied mathematics. Main topics of the Conference were: • classical Lie groups applied for constructing invariant solutions and conservation laws; • conditional (partial) symmetries; • Backlund transformations; • approximate symmetries; • group analysis of finite-difference equations; • problems of group classification; • software packages in group analysis. The success of the Workshop was due to the participation of many experts in Group Analysis from different countries. This book consists of selected papers presented at the Workshop. We would like to thank the Scientific Committee for the generous support of recommending invited lectures and selecting the papers for this volume, as well as the members of the Organizing Committee for their help. The Workshop was made possible by the financial support of several sponsors that are listed below. It is also a pleasure to thank our colleague Enrico Gregorio for his invaluable help of this volume.


Boundary value problem Potential Symmetry group algorithms hyperbolic equation mathematical physics wave equation

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  • N. H. Ibragimov
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  • M. Torrisi
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  • A. Valenti
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of CataniaCataniaItaly

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