CO2 and biosphere

  • Editors
  • J. Rozema
  • H. Lambers
  • S. C. Van de Geijn
  • M. L. Cambridge

Part of the Advances in vegetation science book series (AIVS, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Methodology

  3. Ecophysiological and ecosystem responses: effects of CO2 enrichment on growth and production

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 63-64
    2. B. A. Kimball, J. R. Mauney, F. S. Nakayama, S. B. Idso
      Pages 65-76
    3. I. Stulen, J. den Hertog
      Pages 99-116
    4. H. H. Rogers, R. C. Dahlman
      Pages 117-131
    5. W. J. Arp, B. G. Drake, W. T. Pockman, P. S. Curtis, D. F. Whigham
      Pages 133-143
    6. F. I. Woodward
      Pages 145-156
    7. Hyrum B. Johnson, H. Wayne Polley, Herman S. Mayeux
      Pages 157-170
  4. Response to CO2 enrichment: interaction with soil and atmospheric conditions

  5. Indirect responses to CO2 enrichment: interactions with soil organisms and soil processes

  6. CO2 enrichment: biosphere-atmosphere exchange

  7. Case studies

  8. Posters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 449-449
    2. L. Evans, R. Pettersson, H. S. J. Lee, P. G. Jarvis
      Pages 452-453
    3. H. Lee, C. Barton, P. G. Jarvis
      Pages 456-457
    4. H. S. J. Lee, M. Muray, L. Evans, R. Pettersson, I. Leith, C. V. N. Barton et al.
      Pages 458-459
    5. R. Pettersson, H. S. J. Lee, P. G. Jarvis
      Pages 462-463
    6. J. Roy, F. Drelon, J. L. Salager, J. Fabreguettes, F. Jardon
      Pages 467-468

About this book


An international workshop on `CO2 and Biosphere' was held in Wageningen, the Netherlands on 15-19 November 1991 as part of the activities of the CO2 Commission of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research: this volume includes 32 papers presented at the workshop. The CO2 Commission stimulates and coordinates a broad range of research projects related to the greenhouse effect. This is reflected in the scope of papers presented, ranging from detailed analyses of ecological and physiological effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment to biosphere-atmosphere aspects, such as regional evaporation, energy balance and ecosystem responses. Relevant directions for future research are indicated by presentations on carbon fluxes in the soil, secondary plant metabolism and plant-insect interactions.


Greenhouse effect biosphere ecosystem energy balance metabolism

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