Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Phosphorus in Sediments

  • Editors
  • P. C. M. Boers
  • Th. E. Cappenberg
  • W. van Raaphorst
Conference proceedings

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 84)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Chemical transformations of phosphorus in sediments, particularly with respect to exchange processes and permanent fixation

    1. Charles T. Driscoll, Steven W. Effler, Martin T. Auer, Susan M. Doerr, Michael R. Penn
      Pages 61-72
    2. C. P. Slomp, W. Van Raaphorst, J. F. P. Malschaert, A. Kok, A. J. J. Sandee
      Pages 83-98
    3. P. Kristensen, M. Søndergaard, E. Jeppesen, H. S. Jensen
      Pages 99-99
    4. H. L. Golterman, I. M. de Graaf, C. J. de Groot
      Pages 99-100
    5. C. J. de Groot, H. L. Golterman
      Pages 100-100
    6. P. B. Mortensen, H. S. Jensen, E. K. Rasmussen, B. Thamdrup
      Pages 101-102
    7. T. Moutin, B. Picot, M. C. Ximenes, J. Bontoux
      Pages 102-102
  3. The role of microorganisms in sediment phosphorus dynamics in relation to mobilization and fixation of phosphorus

    1. Victor N. de Jonge, Menno M. Engelkes, Joop F. Bakker
      Pages 151-163
    2. Anja J. C. Sinke, Francis H. M. Cottaar, Kerst Buis, Peer Keizer
      Pages 218-218
  4. Sediment—water dynamics with special attention for functional models describing fluxes of phosphorus across the sediment—water interface

    1. Robert Portielje, Lambertus Lijklema
      Pages 249-261
    2. N. F. Caraco, J. J. Cole, G. E. Likens
      Pages 275-280
    3. Martin T. Auer, Ned A. Johnson, Michael R. Penn, Steven W. Effler
      Pages 301-309
    4. Heleen Danen-Louwerse, Lambertus Lijklema, Monique Coenraats
      Pages 311-317
    5. Bjørn Sundby, Charles Gobeil, Norman Silverberg, Alfonso Mucci
      Pages 320-320
    6. W. van Raaphorst, H. T. Kloosterhuis, A. J. M. Gieles
      Pages 321-321
    7. Ryszard N. Wisniewski
      Pages 321-322
  5. Water management measures focused on the regulation of the release of phosphorus from the sediment, in relation to the functioning and restoration of the whole ecosystem

About these proceedings


This Workshop was organized to assess the status of knowledge on the behaviour of phosphorus in sediments and to define gaps and reassess research strategies, particularly with respect to prevalent methodology and future approach; and to define gaps and reassess research strategies for water management measures in aquatic ecosystems, especially in relation to the release of phosphorus from the sediments and its impact on the functioning of the whole system.


ecosystem fluxes microorganism water water management

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