Immunology of the Connective Tissue Diseases

  • G. S. Panayi

Part of the Immunology and Medicine Series book series (IMME, volume 22)

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  2. K. M. Thompson, I. Randen, Ø. Førre, J. B. Natvig
    Pages 23-41
  3. J. Highton, D. G. Palmer
    Pages 43-73
  4. J. S. Lanchbury
    Pages 75-81
  5. A. G. Wilson, G. W. Duff
    Pages 83-93
  6. T. J. Vyse, M. J. Walport
    Pages 119-145
  7. P. Woo
    Pages 147-156
  8. D. Buskila, Y. Shoenfeld
    Pages 157-192
  9. L. J. Crofford, R. L. Wilder
    Pages 193-204
  10. M. M. Simon, M. D. Kramer, R. Wallich, U. E. Schaible
    Pages 205-229
  11. G. D. Harkiss
    Pages 231-255
  12. N. A. Staines
    Pages 257-278
  13. S. A. Krilis, J. E. Hunt
    Pages 279-304
  14. W. J. Van Venrooij
    Pages 305-334
  15. A. G. Tzioufas, N. Talal, H. M. Moutsopoulos
    Pages 335-353
  16. G. H. Kingsley, G. S. Panayi
    Pages 355-381
  17. P. Res, J. Thole, F. Breedveld, R. de Vries
    Pages 383-398
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 399-406

About this book


Connective tissue diseases demand study because of their frequency, morbidity and mortality. They present intriguing challenges in the fields of diagnosis, management and research. Their range has now expanded enormously so that no individual can master the whole subject, particularly as this relates to their immunological basis.
Immunology of Connective Tissue Diseases has been written by experts who are either clinical or basic scientists. The book presents up-to-date reviews of the immunological basis of connective tissue diseases as it impacts on diagnosis, pathogenetic concepts, disease monitoring and management.
The book is aimed at physicians interested in understanding the immunological basis of these diseases, and at immunologists who are either entering this field for the first time and would like to have a convenient state-of-the-art account of its status, or who are researching in one area and would like to acquaint themselves with the developments which have taken place in others.


Antigen cytokine diseases immunology immunotherapy pathogenesis proteins rheumatoid arthritis shock

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