Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation

Proceedings of the 14th North American Conference on Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation, July 25–29, 1993, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Editors
  • P. H. Graham
  • M. J. Sadowsky
  • C. P. Vance

Part of the Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences book series (DPSS, volume 57)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VIII
  2. Esperanza Martínez-Romero
    Pages 11-20
  3. Christina Kennedy, Natalie Doetsch, Dietmar Meletzus, Eduardo Patriarca, Mohamad Amar, Maurizio Iaccarino
    Pages 43-57
  4. Frans J. De Bruijn, Rujin Chen, Susan Y. Fujimoto, Alexander Pinaev, David Silver, Krzysztof Szczyglowski
    Pages 59-68
  5. D. A. Phillips, F. D. Dakora, E. Sande, C. M. Joseph, J. Zoń
    Pages 69-80
  6. Otto Geiger, Tita Ritsema, Anton A. N. van Brussel, Teun Tak, André H. M. Wijfjes, Guido V. Bloemberg et al.
    Pages 81-89
  7. Vasilly I. Romanov, Esperanza Martínez-Romero
    Pages 91-96
  8. Linda Tombras Smith, Abdul Ameer Allaith, Gary M. Smith
    Pages 103-108
  9. L. M. Bordeleau, D. Prévost
    Pages 115-125
  10. P. E. Olsen, W. A. Rice, L. M. Bordeleau, V. O. Biederbeck
    Pages 127-134
  11. Ingrid Huber, Sonja Selenska-Pobell
    Pages 153-158
  12. David A. Day, Rosanne G. Quinnell, Fraser J. Bergersen
    Pages 159-164
  13. D. Prévost, L. M. Bordeleau, R. Michaud, C. Lafrenière, J. Waddington, V. O. Biederbeck
    Pages 171-176
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 203-205

About this book


During the past three decades there has been a large amount of research on biological nitrogen fixation, in part stimulated by increasing world prices of nitrogen-containing fertilizers and environmental concerns. In the last several years, research on plant--microbe interactions, and symbiotic and asymbiotic nitrogen fixation has become truly interdisciplinary in nature, stimulated to some degree by the use of modern genetic techniques. These methodologies have allowed us to make detailed analyses of plant and bacterial genes involved in symbiotic processes and to follow the growth and persistence of the root-nodule bacteria and free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soils. Through the efforts of a large number of researchers we now have a better understanding of the ecology of rhizobia, environmental parameters affecting the infection and nodulation process, the nature of specificity, the biochemistry of host plants and microsymbionts, and chemical signalling between symbiotic partners.
This volume gives a summary of current research efforts and knowledge in the field of biological nitrogen fixation. Since the research field is diverse in nature, this book presents a collection of papers in the major research area of physiology and metabolism, genetics, evolution, taxonomy, ecology, and international programs.


Ammonium Assimilat DNA Ecology FAO bacteria biochemistry environment evolution hydrolysis nitrogen physiology seedlings soil

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