Signal Averaged Electrocardiography

Concepts, Methods and Applications

  • J. Anthony Gomes

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Basic concepts — historical perspectives

  3. The signal averaged ECG: method of recording and analysis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 47-47
    2. Edward J. Berbari, Paul Lander
      Pages 49-68
    3. Josef Machac, J. Anthony Gomes
      Pages 81-123
    4. Ralph Haberl, Gerhard Jilge, Peter Steinbigler, Gerhard Steinbeck
      Pages 125-136
    5. George Kelen
      Pages 137-149
    6. Yukio Ozawa
      Pages 151-171
    7. Weiqun Yang, Leo G. Horan, Nancy C. Flowers
      Pages 185-201
    8. Jonathan S. Steinberg, Paul Lander
      Pages 203-220
    9. Toby R. Engel, Nawzer Mehta
      Pages 221-248
  4. The signal averaged ECG and the atrium and AV junction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 249-249
    2. Masatake Fukunami, Takahisa Yamada, Noritake Hoki
      Pages 251-266
    3. Vinzenz Hombach, M. Höher, M. Kochs, T. Eggeling, P. Weismüller, J. Wiecha
      Pages 267-295
  5. The signal averaged ECG and malignant ventricular arrhythmias

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 309-309
    2. J. Anthony Gomes, Stephen L. Winters, John H. Ip, Olle Kjelljren
      Pages 311-326
    3. John K. Finkle, Francis E. Marchlinski
      Pages 327-343
    4. A. Robert Denniss, David S. W. Ho, David L. Ross
      Pages 365-379
    5. Thomas A. Buckingham, Joseph P. Zbilut
      Pages 381-388
    6. J. Anthony Gomes, Stephen L. Winters, Melissa Martinson
      Pages 389-398
  6. The signal averaged ECG and nonsustained ventricular tachycardia

  7. The signal averaged ECG and myocardial infarction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 441-441
    2. Stephen C. Hammill, Pierce J. Vatterott
      Pages 469-476
    3. Michael Ya. Ruda, Irina N. Merkulova, Irina D. Strazhesko, Irina V. Savelieva, Aeksei V. Shvilkin, Sergei A. Abugov et al.
      Pages 477-482
  8. Miscellaneous topics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 483-483
    2. Mohammad Shenasa, Thomas Fetsch, Jafar Shenasa, Antoni Martínez-Rubio, Martin Borggrefe, Lutz Reinhartd et al.
      Pages 527-548
    3. Ralph Haberl, Julia Feucht, Robert Reith, Christoph Manz, Matthias Weber, Andreas Luchner et al.
      Pages 549-560
    4. Judith A. Mackall, Albert L. Waldo, David S. Rosenbaum
      Pages 561-576
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 577-583

About this book


This book deals with the basic concepts of high resolution electrocardiography: the electrophysiological basis of late potentials, mechanism of arrhythmias, the different methods of recording and analysis of high resolution, signal processed electrocardiograms and their clinical applications.
This is a new edition and is more up-to-date, provides more clinical utility and addresses more basic concepts of the electrophysiology of re-entrant arrhythmias than any other book published in the same field. The book will appeal to cardiologists (academic and clinical), electrophysiologists, technicians and engineers working in the field of computerized electrocardiography and in industry.


arrhythmia electrocardiogram (ECG) electrocardiography electrophysiology myocardial infarction physiology

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  • J. Anthony Gomes
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  1. 1.The Mount Sinai School of Medicine of CUNYUSA
  2. 2.Section of Electrocardiography and ElectrophysiologyMount Sinai Medical CenterNew YorkUSA

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