Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology

A bridge to the 21st century

  • Andrè E. Aubert
  • Hugo Ector
  • Roland Stroobandt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Electrophysiology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Willem R. M. Dassen, Rob G. A. Mulleneers, Joep R. L. M. Smeets
      Pages 3-13
    3. Guy Fontaine, R. Frank, R. Tsezana, J. Tonet, E. Velasquez, G. Lascault
      Pages 31-40
    4. Ralph Rogers, Hugo Ector, Ann Rubens, Carl Timmermans, Hein Heidbüchel, Hilaire De Geest
      Pages 41-48
    5. Lü Fel, Marek Malik
      Pages 49-62
    6. E. Rodriguez Font, E. Homs, J. Guindo, V. Martí, X. Viñolas, A. Bayés Genís et al.
      Pages 73-77
    7. Nina Rehnqvist, Inge Björkander, Lennart Forslund, Claes Held, Paul Hjemdahl
      Pages 79-82
    8. Federico Lombardi, Giulia Sandrone, Alberto Malliani
      Pages 83-91
    9. Alfons Sinnaeve, Hugo Tassignon
      Pages 93-115
    10. P. E. Vardas, F. J. Parthenakis, E. G. Manios
      Pages 131-136
    11. Frank Simonis, Erik Andries, Pedro Brugada
      Pages 137-143
    12. Michel Haissaguerre, Bruno Fischer, Philippe Le Métayer, Pierre Jais, Philippe Egloff, Jean-François Warin
      Pages 145-154
  3. Pacing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. Giorgio A. Feruglio
      Pages 157-168
    3. Ivo Kersschot
      Pages 203-207
    4. Giovanni Enrico Antonioli, Lucia Ansani, Roberto Audoglio, Gabriele Guardigli, Gianfranco Percoco, Tiziano Toselli
      Pages 209-219
    5. Petras Stirbys
      Pages 221-226
    6. J. Claude Daubert, Philippe Mabo, Daniel Gras, Christophe Leclercq, Thierry Lelièvre
      Pages 227-250
    7. S. Serge Barold
      Pages 251-267
    8. S. Serge Barold, Lukas Kappenberger, Claude Daubert, Guy Fontaine
      Pages 269-279
    9. Massimo Santini, G. Ansalone, G. Cacciatore
      Pages 281-287
    10. Véronique Mahaux
      Pages 303-308
    11. Paul A. Levine
      Pages 309-324
    12. Marc M. J. Berkhof, Jozef P. Snoeck, Marnix P. N. Goethals, Marc J. Claeys
      Pages 325-331
    13. Francisco Pérez Gómez, Manuel Montero, Miguel A. Pastor, Francisco Pérez-Vizcaíno, María J. PéRez-Vizcaíno, Pablo González
      Pages 347-353
    14. Philippe Ritter, S. Cazeau, Y. Kojoukharov, L. Henry, H. Podeur, A. Lazarus et al.
      Pages 355-362
    15. Richard Sutton
      Pages 363-370
  4. Defibrillators

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 439-441

About this book


In 1992, clinical cardiac electrophysiology became a recognized sub-speciality of the American Board of Internal Medicine. The formal recognition of this highly specialized and technical field of medicine represents the culmination of thirty years of remarkable scientific and intellectual discovery. Beginning in the 1950s, cardiologists realized that cardiac arrhythmias were the cause of significant morbidity and the sudden death of at least 350,000 patients every year in the United States alone. At that time the only tools available for analyzing abnormal heart rhythms were the standard EKG machine and careful deductive reasoning. During the early 1960s, cardiac pacemakers reflected the first foray in the electrical therapy of cardiac arrhythmias. Pacemakers were first implanted in order to control syncopal episodes related to bradycardic heart rhythms. Although crude and bulky devices, their utility was immediately obvious to physicians and patients alike. The recognition that electrical signals could be recorded from inside the heart and that the heart's rhythm could be controlled by the application of electrical energy began the era of clinical cardiac electrophysiology which was to follow. In the late 1960s and early 1970s and at the peak of the Vietnam conflict. a group of cardiologists with special training in cardiac electrophysiology were sequestered at the US Public Health Service Hospital at Staten Island.


Ablation angina pectoris cardiovascular diagnostics electrocardiogram (ECG) electrophysiology heart heart rate physiology

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  • Hugo Ector
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  • Roland Stroobandt
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  2. 2.Department of CardiologyUniversity Hospital GasthuisbergLeuvenBelgium
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