Aquatic Oligochaete Biology V

Proceedings of the 5th Oligochaete Symposium, held in Tallinn, Estonia, 1991

  • Editors
  • T. B. Reynoldson
  • K. A. Coates
Conference proceedings

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 95)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Systematics and evolution

  3. Taxonomy and geographic distribution

  4. Distribution, abundance and habitat types

  5. Ultrastructure

    1. Magda de Eguileor, Giulio Lanzavecchia, Roberto Valvassori
      Pages 157-163
    2. Marco Ferraguti, Daniela Ruprecht, Christer Erséus, Olav Giere
      Pages 165-178
    3. Giulio Lanzavecchia, Roberto Valvassori, Magda de Eguileor
      Pages 179-188
  6. Pollution studies

  7. Population dynamics

About these proceedings


This book contains 36 of the papers presented at the meetings covering the many aspects of oligochaete biology from ecological through evolutionary studies, divided into the following sections:
  1. Systematics and Evolution
  2. Taxonomy and Geographic Distribution
  3. Distribution, Abundance and Habitat Types
  4. Ultrastructure
  5. Pollution Studies
  6. Population Dynamics
The volume highlights the single largest contribution of Soviet oligochaete biology presented in English since 1980. Nine of the 36 papers in this collection are written by authors from the former U.S.S.R.


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