Regulated Chemicals Directory 1994

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The Regulated Chemicals Directory"lM is meant to be a convenient source of information for everyone who needs to keep up-to-date regarding the regulations and recommendations that pertain to chemical substances. The RCD™ is designed to be the first reference book to consult when beginning compliance efforts. Every regulatory or advisory list used in the RCD™ is keyed to its source, to help readers who need more detailed information on regulations, recommendations, or guidelines readily locate source documents. Some organizations now center their compliance efforts on computerized information stored in cross-referenced databases. A unique feature of the RCDTM is the availability of an electronic version suitable for use on IBM-compatible personal computers, download onto mainframes and CD-ROM players. Both the print and electronic versions are updated with the same timeliness. For more information on the electronic versions of the Regulated Chemicals DirectoryTM, contact Chapman & Hall directly (One Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10119, fax-212-564-1505). Many companies working on product development need information on what may be regulated in the future. The RCD™ provides selected information on pending regulations and in-progress testing lists, which can provide a starting place for tracking future regulatory considerations. Information for the RCD™ is continually gathered and updated. Suggestions from readers for information that should be added to the RCD™ or for other ways to improve the book are welcomed by Chapman & Hall. - Patricia L. Dsida, Pres. ChemADVISOR® , Inc. ix Part A. Chemical Lists and Indexes Section 1.


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