Animal Cell Technology: Developments Towards the 21st Century

  • E. C. Beuvery
  • J. B. Griffiths
  • W. P. Zeijlemaker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxx
  2. Establishment of ProductionCell Lines;Cloning and Selection Strategies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. B. Clarke, U. Kreuzberg-Duffy, C. MacDonald, H. Moulsdale, J. Golding, B. Griffiths
      Pages 3-7
    3. J. Clarke, U. Kreuzberg-Duffy, C. MacDonald, H. Moulsdale, J. Golding, N. Ferris
      Pages 9-13
    4. A R Fooks, A Warnes, A J Racher, A B Dowsett, J R Stephenson, B K Rima et al.
      Pages 21-26
    5. Carole Greenall, Nigel Jenkins, Mick Tuite, David Robinson, David Cook, Robert Freedman
      Pages 27-31
    6. Mario Köster, Sabine Kirchhoff, Fred Schaper, Hansjörg Hauser
      Pages 33-43
    7. O. Hohenwarter, A. Waltenberger, K. Strutzenberger, N. Borth, C. Schmatz, H. Katinger
      Pages 45-48
    8. Katsuhide Miyake, Hideyo Kirinaka, Shinji Iijima
      Pages 57-61
    9. Yuuki Morimoto, Takeshi Shimomura, Jun Kondo, Keiji Miyazawa, Naomi Kitamura
      Pages 63-67
    10. A. Van Oorschot, J. Tramper, C. D. De Gooijer, J. M. Vlak, B. Möckel, H. G. Miltenburger
      Pages 69-72
    11. Steven Reid, Paul F. Greenfield, John Power, Kathryn M. Radford, Lars K. Nielsen, T. K. Kathy Wong et al.
      Pages 73-77
    12. S. Shirahata, K. Teruya, T. Yano, J. Watanabe, H. Tachibana, H. Ohashi et al.
      Pages 79-84
    13. S. Slater, U. Kreuzburg-duffy, R. Jaggar, C. Macdonald
      Pages 85-90
    14. Kiichiro Teruya, Sanetaka Shirahata, Takahiro Yano, Junko Watanabe, Kiyohiko ki Se, Kazuhiro Osada et al.
      Pages 91-95
    15. Chengzu Xiao, Zicai Huang, Zhengguang Zhang, Zhaolie Chen, Fengzhi Li, Jianxin Ye et al.
      Pages 97-101
  3. Conditions for High Performance Cultures for the Production of Biologicals

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 103-103
    2. P. M. Alves, J. L. Moreira, J. M. Rodrigues, J. G. Aunins, M. J. T. Carrondo
      Pages 105-109
    3. H. P. Bonarius, K. P. H. Meesters, G. Schmid, J. Tramper
      Pages 111-115
    4. H. Büntemeyer, A. Stenner, T. Seewöster, R. Heidemann, H. Tebbe, C. Wallerius et al.
      Pages 117-123
    5. Celine M. Charon
      Pages 131-135
    6. I. Chevalot, M. Dardenne, M. Cherlet, J. M. Engasser, A. Marc
      Pages 143-147
    7. J. M. Davis, C. M. Lavender, K. J. Bowes, J. A. J. Hanak, B. S. Combridge, S. L. Kingsland
      Pages 149-153
    8. J. Fieder, P. Schorn, R. Bux, W. Noé
      Pages 163-167
    9. Carlos Figueroa, Craig Rice, Mokhtar Mered, David Naveh, Miles Biotechnology
      Pages 169-174
    10. Heidi Gerber, Kenneth McCullough
      Pages 181-186
    11. Randal A. Goffe, Joseph Y. Shi, Anna K. C. Nguyen
      Pages 187-191
    12. T. J. Ihrig, M. A. Maulawizada, B. D. Thomas, F. S. Jacobson
      Pages 193-197
    13. David W. Jayme, James M. Kubiak, Richard M. Fike
      Pages 199-204
    14. G. Kretzmer, R. Weidemann
      Pages 211-215
    15. Kristina Martinelle, Anna Westlund, Lena Häggström
      Pages 241-245
    16. Masatoshi Matsumura, Fidel Rey P. Nayve Jr.
      Pages 247-262
    17. O.-W. Merten, H. Keller, E. Couve, S. Petres, L. Cabanie
      Pages 263-270
    18. Shinichi Nagaune, Shuichi Kaminogawa
      Pages 271-275
    19. A. H. Newell, E. G. Sutton, M. W. Glacken
      Pages 277-281
    20. L. Öhman, M. Alarcon, L. Häggström
      Pages 283-287
    21. K. Øyaas, T. E. Ellingsen, N. Dyrset, D. W. Levine
      Pages 295-299
    22. S. S. Ozturk, J. Blackie, P. Wu, C. Figueroa, J. Thrift, D. Naveh
      Pages 301-305

About this book


Animal cell technology is a discipline of growing importance, which aims not merely at understanding structure, function and behaviour of differentiated animal cells, but especially at the development of their abilities useful for clinical application. Topics of interest in this regard include: viral vaccines, pharmaceutical proteins and novel applications such as gene therapy and organ culture.
Undoubtedly, these Proceedings of the joint Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology and the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (Veldhoven, The Netherlands, September 1994) review the most recent status of the field, and will be most valuable to anyone actively involved in the culture of animal cells and its applications. The contributions to this volume were strictly selected on the basis of quality and novelty of contents.
Kluwer is honoured to be able to add this work to its strongly developing publication programme in cell and tissue culture, which now has its connections to all major Societies in this field worldwide.
Audience: Cell biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists, virologists and all other disciplines related to animal cell technology, working in an academic environment, as well as in (biotechnology or pharmaceutical) industry.


Tissue Engineering biotechnology cloning development gene therapy proteins tissue

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