Imaging in High Energy Astronomy

Proceedings of the International Workshop held in Anacapri (Capri-Italy), 26–30 September 1994

  • L. Bassani
  • G. Di Cocco
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Invited Papers

    1. Modulation Techniques

    2. Focusing, Occultation and other Methods

      1. F. E. Christensen, K. D. Joensen, P. Gorenstein, W. C. Priedhorsky, N. J. Westergaard, H. W. Schnopper
        Pages 33-46
      2. Robert K. Smither, Patricia B. Fernandez, Timothy Graber, Peter von Ballmoos, Juan Naya, Francis Albernhe et al.
        Pages 47-56
      3. S. N. Zhang, B. A. Harmon, G. J. Fishman, W. S. Paciesas
        Pages 57-62
    3. INTEGRAL Session

      1. Christoph Winkler
        Pages 71-76
      2. A. J. Dean
        Pages 77-84
      3. P. von Ballmoos
        Pages 85-96
    4. Double Compton and Tracking Techniques

      1. A. W. Strong
        Pages 97-102
      2. Roland Diehl
        Pages 103-108
    5. New Detectors and Imaging Methods

      1. P. Gorenstein, K. Joensen
        Pages 109-117
  3. Contributed Papers

    1. Modulation Techniques

      1. J. J. M. In ’T Zand, E. E. Fenimore, N. Kawai, A. Yoshida, M. Matsuoka, M. Yamauchi
        Pages 137-142
      2. S. A. Grebenev, M. N. Pavlinsky, R. A. Sunyaev
        Pages 155-158
      3. G. Richter, G. Hasinger, P. Friedrich, K. Fritze, J. Trümper, H. Bräuninger et al.
        Pages 159-162
      4. L. Waldron, M. Amoretti, L. Boccaccini, M. Federici, M. Frutti, G. Gianni et al.
        Pages 163-166
      5. R. K. Manchanda
        Pages 171-175
      6. G. K. Skinner, R. M. Rideout
        Pages 177-182
      7. F. Ballesteros, G. Bernabeu, A. Giménez, J. Fabregat, F. Pérez, E. Porras et al.
        Pages 183-187
      8. M-C. Schmitz-Fraysse, J. B. Stephen, J. Ballet
        Pages 189-193
      9. I. D. Jupp, A. R. Green, A. J. Dean
        Pages 203-207
      10. I. D. Jupp, A. R. Green, A. J. Dean
        Pages 209-212
      11. J. E. Grindlay, D. Barret, K. S. K. Lum, R. P. Manandhar, B. Robbason, S. Vance
        Pages 213-220
      12. Mark H. Finger, Thomas A. Prince
        Pages 221-226
      13. Upendra D. Desai, Carl C. Gaither III
        Pages 227-233
      14. A. R. Green, F. Lei, A. J. Bird, I. D. Jupp, A. J. Dean
        Pages 235-238
    2. Focusing, Occultation and other Methods

      1. P. von Ballmoos, J. E. Naya, F. Albernhe, G. Vedrenne, R. K. Smither, M. Faiz et al.
        Pages 239-245
      2. W. S. Paciesas, S. N. Zhang, B. C. Rubin, B. A. Harmon, G. J. Fishman
        Pages 247-250
      3. F. Lei, M. J. Palmer, I. D. Jupp, D. Ramsden
        Pages 255-258
      4. O. Citterio, F. Frontera, K. Joensen, P. Gorenstein, G. Pareschi
        Pages 259-262
      5. René Hudec, Adolf Inneman, Ladislav Pína, P. Gorenstein
        Pages 263-266
    3. INTEGRAL Session

      1. G. L. Hills, A. J. Dean, F. Lei, B. M. Swinyard
        Pages 267-270
      2. F. Sanchez, F. J. Ballesteros, V. Reglero, G. Malaguti, G. Di Cocco
        Pages 271-275
      3. P. Ubertini, L. Bassani, A. Bazzano, R. Cole, J. Lapington, M. Mas et al.
        Pages 277-281
    4. Double Compton and Tracking Techniques

      1. F. Lei, A. J. Dean, G. L. Hills, B. M. Swinyard
        Pages 283-286
      2. B. L. Dingus, J. A. Esposito, R. Mukherjee, D. L. Bertsch, R. Cuddapah, C. E. Fichtel et al.
        Pages 293-296
      3. V. V. Akimov, N. G. Leikov
        Pages 297-300
    5. New Detectors and Imaging Methods

      1. B. Sacco, O. Catalano, M. C. Maccarone, G. Gerardi, E. Costa, E. Massaro et al.
        Pages 301-304
      2. J. E. Lees, G. W. Fraser, A. N. Brunton, R. Willingale
        Pages 305-308

About these proceedings


An almost complete collection of the papers given at the International Workshop on Imaging in High Energy Astronomy (Anacapri, Italy, 1994). These proceedings, which concentrate on imaging above 10 keV, represent the state of the art in the field, resulting from the success of many missions (I.C. Granat and CGRO) carrying detectors for high energy astronomy with imaging capabilities. The main topics of the book are Bragg concentrators, coded mask-modulation collimators, double Compton telescopes, the occultation method, tracking chambers, and new experimental techniques. The book also contains some papers dealing with image reconstruction and processing, with an emphasis on the above techniques.


Wave astronomy coding instruments optimization simulation statistics

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  • L. Bassani
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  • G. Di Cocco
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  1. 1.Istituto Tecnologie e Studio Radiazioni Extraterrestri, CNRBolognaItaly

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