Current Issues in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

Proceedings of the VIIIth International Congress on Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Florence, Italy, 12–17 June, 1994

  • M. Terzi
  • R. Cella
  • A. Falavigna

Part of the Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture book series (PSBA, volume 22)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Sarah E. Wyatt, Alice L. Dolph, Alex A. Avery, N. C. Carpita
    Pages 19-29
  3. I. M. Sussex, J. A. Godoy, N. M. Kerk, M. J. Laskowski, H. C. Nusbaum, J. A. Welsch et al.
    Pages 31-35
  4. B. V. Conger, A. I. Kuklin
    Pages 59-68
  5. A. Olesen, M. Storgaard, M. Folling, S. Madsen, S. B. Andersen
    Pages 69-74
  6. Mechthild Tegeder, Otto Schieder, Thomas Pickardt
    Pages 75-80
  7. Z. Y. Wang, G. Legris, M. P. Vallés, I. Potrykus, G. Spangenberg
    Pages 81-86
  8. A. Altman, A. Ya’Ari, D. Pelah, A. Gal, T. Tzfira, W.-X. Wang et al.
    Pages 87-94
  9. D. Levy, Edna Fogelman, Alexandra Levine, Y. Itzhak
    Pages 123-125
  10. G. Wenzel, U. Frei, A. Jahoor, A. Graner, B. Foroughi-Wehr
    Pages 127-135
  11. M. S. Alejar, F. J. Zapata, D. Senadhira, G. S. Khush, S. K. Datta
    Pages 137-142
  12. M. B. Westecott, B. Huang
    Pages 143-148
  13. R. Theiler-Hedtrich, C. S. Hunter
    Pages 149-154
  14. Nervo G., Carannante G., Azzimonti M. T., Rotino G. L.
    Pages 155-160
  15. E. D. Earle, M. H. Dickson
    Pages 171-176
  16. Z. N. Deng, A. Gentile, F. Domina, E. Nicolosi, E. Tribulato, A. Vardi
    Pages 177-183
  17. Y.-G. Li, G. J. Tanner, P. J. Larkin
    Pages 185-190
  18. P. B. Holm, S. Knudsen, P. Mouritzen, D. Negri, F. L. Olsen, C. Roué
    Pages 207-212
  19. J. M. Montezuma-De-Carvalho, M. C. Tomé
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    Pages 253-262
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    Pages 263-269
  25. Sangwan R. S., F. Dubois, C. Ducrocq, Y. Bourgeois, B. Vilcot, N. Pawlicki et al.
    Pages 271-277
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    Pages 347-352
  34. E. Olmos, A. Piqueras, E. Hellin
    Pages 353-358

About this book


Plant cell and tissue culture is a relevant area of experimental biology that has been developed for some decades to become an indispensable tool of plant biotechnology. Progress in this area, sometimes tumultuous, has been regularly recorded by the proceedings of the congresses of the International Association for Plant Tissue Culture which have been held every four years in several continents.
This book reports plenary lectures, keynote lectures and invited oral presentations given at the last congress held in Florence. It is a useful reference guide both for established scientists and students on both traditional and emerging fields of plant biology. The following topics are covered: In vitro Culture and Plant Regeneration; Plant Propagation; Haploids; Somatic Hybridisation; Reproductive Systems; Genetic Variability; Gene Transfer; Organelles; Biotechnology of Tropical and Subtropical Species; Agronomic Traits; Somatic Embryogenesis; Meristems; Cell Surface; Growth Regulators; Reception and Transduction of Signals; Gene Expression under Extreme Conditions; Primary Metabolism; Secondary Metabolism; Transport; Large Scale Production.


Embryo Expression Transport biotechnology gene expression gene transfer genes meristems

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  • M. Terzi
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  • R. Cella
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  • A. Falavigna
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  1. 1.Department of BiologyUniversity of PadovaItaly
  2. 2.Department of Genetics and MicrobiologyUniversity of PaviaItaly
  3. 3.Research Institute of Vegetable CropsMontanaso LombardoMilanoItaly

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