Asia-Pacific Symposium on Mangrove Ecosystems

Proceedings of the International Conference held at The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, September 1–3, 1993

  • Editors
  • Yuk-Shan Wong
  • Nora F. Y. Tam
Conference proceedings

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 106)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. M. J. Hovenden, M. Curran, M. A. Cole, P. F. E. Goulter, N. J. Skelton, W. G. Allaway
    Pages 23-29
  3. Eric Wolanski
    Pages 31-42
  4. Yoshihiro Mazda, Nobuyuki Kanazawa, Eric Wolanski
    Pages 51-58
  5. S. A. Alias, A. J. Kuthubutheen, E. B. G. Jones
    Pages 97-106
  6. N. F. Y. Tam, S. H. Li, C. Y. Lan, G. Z. Chen, M. S. Li, Y. S. Wong
    Pages 149-158
  7. T. D. Steinke, C. J. Ward, A. Rajh
    Pages 159-166
  8. S. Y. Lee
    Pages 203-212
  9. N. F. Y. Tam, Y. S. Wong
    Pages 231-241
  10. Y. S. Wong, C. Y. Lan, G. Z. Chen, S. H. Li, X. R. Chen, Z. P. Liu et al.
    Pages 243-254
  11. Gong Wooi Khoon, Ong Jin Eong
    Pages 255-261
  12. G. Z. Chen, S. Y. Miao, N. F. Y. Tam, Y. S. Wong, S. H. Li, C. Y. Lan
    Pages 263-273
  13. Max Louis, Claude Bouchon, Yolande Bouchon-Navaro
    Pages 275-284
  14. Josef Aschbacher, Rey Ofren, Jean Pierre Delsol, Tri Binarko Suselo, Suvit Vibulsresth, Thongchai Charrupat
    Pages 285-294
  15. J. Honculada Primavera, J. Lebata
    Pages 295-302
  16. M. W. Yipp, C. H. Hau, George Walthew
    Pages 323-333

About these proceedings


Mangrove ecosystems are typical formations found in coastal deposits of mud and silt throughout the tropics and some distance into the subtropical latitudes. The total wordwide mangrove area, which is estimated at about 170,000 km2 with some sixty species of trees and shrubs exclusive to the habitat, dominates approximately 75% of the world's coastline between latitudes 25°N and 25°S. Such unique intertidal ecosystems support genetically diverse communities of terrestrial and aquatic organisms that are of direct or indirect socioeconomic values. Mangrove forests play important roles as coastal stabilization and protection against winds and storms; producers of nutrients, forest resources and animal species of economic importance. Recently, the issues on the conservation, proper utilization and management of mangrove forests have been widely discussed. Unfortunately, overexploitation and destruction of mangroves seriously threatens the sustainability of such a unique ecosystem.
This volume includes papers on three main areas: recent advances in mangrove ecology; application and utilization of mangrove resources; and conservation and management of the ecosystems.


Ecology Mangrove Wind benthic ecosystem ecosystems nutrient cycling

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