The Clinical Applications of SPET

  • Peter H. Cox
  • M. Pillay

Part of the Developments in Nuclear Medicine book series (DNUM, volume 25)

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    Pages i-viii
  2. M. Pillay
    Pages 33-49
  3. P. H. Cox
    Pages 51-78
  4. M. Pillay
    Pages 79-120
  5. F. Grünwald, C. Menzel, H. J. Biersack
    Pages 121-142
  6. D. H. W. Schönfeld
    Pages 157-183
  7. A. C. Perkins
    Pages 185-203
  8. P. J. Ryan, I. Fogelman
    Pages 205-240
  9. J. Buscombe, A. Hilson
    Pages 241-264
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 275-280

About this book


In the past nuclear medicine has tended to develop in cycles governed by the development of new radiopharmaceuticals followed or preceded by advances in instrumentation. The development of alternative techniques, such as X-Ray Computer Tomography, NMR Imaging and Ultrasound have also had a stimulating effect and pointed the way to new developments. The development of Positron Emission Tomography, while in itself of limited application because of high costs involved, provided a great deal of information which led to the development of new organ or disease specific, single photon emitting radiopharmaceuticals together with tomographic Gamma cameras, whereby detailed information on the biodistribution of the reagents could be obtained with accurate spatial resolution presented in a form suitable for comparison with the other imaging modalities.
This technology, known as Single Photon Emission (Computer) Tomography (SPECT or SPET, as the mood takes you) is now an essential tool in nuclear medicine. The volume presents a basic guideline to the technology involved and discusses the application of the method to the investigation of various anatomical regions of the body. The book is an aide mémoire to the routine practitioner and a source of information for other medical specialists.


MR imaging NMR SPECT X-ray brain clinical application computer computer tomography dosimetry imaging nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) nuclear medicine positron emission tomography (PET) tomography ultrasound

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  1. 1.Department of Nuclear MedicineDr. Daniel den Hoed Cancer CentreAE RotterdamThe Netherlands

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