Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH: Principles and Management

Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 12–16 September 1993


ISBN: 978-94-010-4099-0 (Print) 978-94-011-0221-6 (Online)

Table of contents (131 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Overview Paper

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      Pages 5-19

      Global extent, development and economic impact of acid soils

  3. Chemistry and Physics of Acid Soils

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      Pages 23-33

      Soluble aluminium in acidic soils: Principles and practicalities

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      Pages 35-40

      Potential solid phases controlling dissolved aluminium and iron concentrations in acidic soils

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      Pages 41-45

      Amelioration of aluminium phytotoxicity with organic matter

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      Pages 47-52

      Chromatographic techniques for the separation of Al and associated organic ligands present in soil solution

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      Pages 53-57

      Quantitative 27 AI NMR spectroscopic studies of Al (III) complexes with organic acid ligands and their comparison with GEOCHEM predicted values

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      Pages 59-63

      Aluminium reactions with polygalacturonate and related organic ligands

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      Pages 65-70

      Forms of extractable aluminium in Canadian acid soils and their relations to plant growth

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      Pages 71-74

      Phenolic acids in boreal peats from Finland and comparison with those from tropical and temperate areas

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      Pages 75-83

      Rates and sources of acidification in agricultural systems of southern Australia

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      Pages 85-91

      Effects of long-term application of phosphate fertilisers on soil acidity under pasture in New Zealand

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      Pages 93-98

      A model for understanding the importance of various chemical, physical and biological processes in the development of soil profile acidity

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      Pages 99-104

      Models for relating pH measurements in water and calcium chloride for a wide range of pH, soil types and depths

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      Pages 105-110

      Long-term effects of ammonium nitrate application on soil pH, and micronutrients in soil and bromegrass hay

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      Pages 111-115

      Nitrogen mineralisation and nitrification in acidic subsurface layers of soil

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      Pages 117-123

      Reactions buffering pH in acid soils treated with lime

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      Pages 125-128

      Phosphorus sorption of coal-mine soils in Galicia, NW Spain

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      Pages 129-133

      Quantity/intensity relation and phosphorus availability in south Brazilian latosols as affected by form and placement of phosphorus and farmyard manure

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      Pages 135-139

      The effect of flooding on S sorption capacity and AEC of variable charge soils

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      Pages 141-146

      Solubility and mobility of copper, zinc and lead in acidic environments

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