Wolf-Rayet Stars: Binaries, Colliding Winds, Evolution

Proceedings of the 163rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in La Biodola, Elba, Italia, May 2–6, 1994

  • Karel A. van der Hucht
  • Peredur M. Williams

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. An Historical Introduction

    1. Lindsey F. Smith
      Pages 3-6
  3. Basic parameters, properties of single Wolf-Rayet stars

    1. Karel A. Van Der Hucht
      Pages 7-14
    2. K.-H. Hofmann, G. Weigelt, W. Seggewiss
      Pages 43-47
    3. Poster Summaries

      1. Lindsey F. Smith, Michael M. Shara, Anthony F. J. Moffat
        Pages 48-49
      2. Krzysztof Rochowicz
        Pages 50-51
      3. A. Niedzielski
        Pages 52-53
      4. L. Georgiev, M. M. Ivanov
        Pages 54-55
      5. Igor I. Antokhin, Jean-François Bertrand, Robert Lamontagne, Anthony F. J. Moffat
        Pages 56-57
      6. C. Lloyd, D. J. Stickland
        Pages 58-59
      7. Igor I. Antokhin, Jean-François Bertrand, Robert Lamontagne, Anthony F. J. Moffat
        Pages 62-63
      8. L. Norci, V. F. Polcaro, C. Rossi, R. Viotti
        Pages 66-67
      9. V. F. Polcaro, R. Viotti, C. Rossi, L. Norci
        Pages 68-69
      10. F. Brighenti, A. D’Ercole
        Pages 70-71
      11. Guillermo García-Segura, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Norbert Langer
        Pages 72-73
      12. Arturo Manchado, Guillermo García-Segura, You-Hua Chu
        Pages 74-75
      13. S. Mereghetti, T. Belloni
        Pages 76-77
      14. A. Nota, M. Clampin, M. Sirianni, P. Greenfield, D. A. Golimowski
        Pages 78-80
      15. M. Azzopardi, G. Muratorio, J. Breysacher, G. Testor
        Pages 83-84
      16. S. K. Górny, A. Acker, G. Stasińska, B. Stenholm, R. Tylenda
        Pages 85-86
  4. Model atmospheres for single Wolf-Rayet stars

    1. D. J. Hillier
      Pages 116-126
    2. Stanley P. Owocki, Kenneth G. Gayley
      Pages 138-146
    3. Paul A. Crowther, Linda J. Smith, D. John Hillier
      Pages 147-151
    4. Poster Summaries

      1. Paul A. Crowther, Linda J. Smith, Allan J. Willis
        Pages 152-153
      2. Matthew J. Dalton, Paul A. Crowther, Allan J. Willis
        Pages 154-155
      3. P. R. J. Eenens, P. M. Williams
        Pages 156-157
      4. Kenneth G. Gayley, Stanley P. Owock
        Pages 158-159
      5. A. F. Kholtygin
        Pages 160-161
      6. E. Santolaya Rey, A. Herrero, J. Puls
        Pages 164-165
      7. L. C. Dos Santos, V. Jatenco-Pereira, R. Opher
        Pages 166-167
      8. D. Eichler, A. Bar Shalom, Y. Oreg
        Pages 172-173
      9. U. Wessolowski, W.-R. Hamann, L. Koesterke, D. J. Hillier, J. Puls
        Pages 174-175
  5. Anisotropic mass loss, disk formation

    1. Regina E. Schulte-Ladbeck
      Pages 176-185
    2. John C. Brown, Lorna L. Richardson
      Pages 186-190
    3. J. P. Cassinelli, R. Ignace, J. E. Bjorkman
      Pages 191-202
    4. Giora Shaviv
      Pages 203-212
  6. Properties of Wolf-Rayet binaries

About this book


In this IAU Symposium on Wolf--Rayet stars, binary aspects received ample attention, notably because of the recognition that many observations of spectral and photometric variability at all accessible wavelengths are related to colliding winds or other forms of wind interaction.
The basic structure of the conference and its proceedings is basic parameters and general properties of WR stars; state of the art model atmospheres for WR stars, anisotropic mass loss and disk formation of WR stars, properties of WR binaries; influence of stellar winds on mass transfer in hot massive binary evolution; dust formation near WR stars and other circumstellar phenomena; and hydrodynamics and high-energy physics of colliding winds in WR+O binaries and of WR winds interacting with compact objects. Within this framework 20 invited reviews, 38 invited oral contributions, and 76 poster papers were presented at the Symposium, entertaining 111 astronomers from 24 countries. These proceedings provide up-to-date information on all aspects of Wolf--Rayet atmospheres, binaries, and colliding winds.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Karel A. van der Hucht
    • 1
  • Peredur M. Williams
    • 2
  1. 1.Space Research Organization NetherlandsUtrechtThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Royal ObservatoriesEdinburghScotland, UK

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