Mercury as a Global Pollutant

Proceedings of the Third International Conference held in Whistler, British Columbia, July 10–14, 1994

  • Donald B. Porcella
  • John W. Huckabee
  • Brian Wheatley

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Mercury and Human Health

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Brian Wheatley, Sylvain Paradis
      Pages 3-11
    3. M. Richardson, M. Mitchell, S. Coad, R. Raphael
      Pages 21-30
    4. M. Richardson, M. Egyed, D. J. Currie
      Pages 31-39
    5. L. E. Fleming, S. Watkins, R. Kaderman, B. Levin, D. R. Ayyar, M. Bizzio et al.
      Pages 41-48
    6. H. Akagi, O. Malm, F. J. P. Branches, Y. Kinjo, Y. Kashima, J. R. D. Guimaraes et al.
      Pages 85-94
    7. L. Liang, R. J. Brooks
      Pages 103-107
    8. A. C. Barbosa, A. A. Boischio, G. A. East, I. Ferrari, A. Gonçalves, P. R. M. Silva et al.
      Pages 109-121
    9. Marcello M. Veiga, John A. Meech
      Pages 123-132
  3. Mercury Sources and Transport

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 133-133
    2. J. T. Dvonch, A. F. Vette, G. J. Keeler, G. Evans, R. Stevens
      Pages 169-178
    3. Carl H. Lamborg, William F. Fitzgerald, Grace M. Vandal, Kristofer R. Rolfhus
      Pages 189-198
    4. Kevin Bishop, Ying-Hua Lee, Catharina Pettersson, Bert Allard
      Pages 221-224
  4. Atmospheric Mercury

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 225-225
    2. Åke Iverfeldt, John Munthe, Cyrill Brosset, Jozef Pacyna
      Pages 227-233
    3. G. A. Gill, J. L. Guentzel, W. M. Landing, C. D. Pollman
      Pages 235-244
    4. Arun B. Mukherjee, Sally Innanen, Matti Verta
      Pages 255-264
    5. R. J. M. Hudson, S. A. Gherini, W. F. Fitzgerald, D. B. Porcella
      Pages 265-272
    6. S. Hacon, P. Artaxo, F. Gerab, M. A. Yamasoe, R. C. Campos, L. F. Conti et al.
      Pages 273-283
    7. C. Pollman, G. Gill, W. Landing, J. Guentzel, D. Bare, D. Porcella et al.
      Pages 285-290
  5. Atmospheric Reactions and Deposition of Mercury

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 299-299
    2. Karin Pleijel, John Munthe
      Pages 317-324
    3. E. Constantinou, X. A. Wu, C. Seigneur
      Pages 325-335
    4. W. M. Landing, J. J. Perry Jr., J. L. Guentzel, G. A. Gill, C. D. Pollman
      Pages 343-352
    5. John Munthe, Hans Hultberg, Åke Iverfeldt
      Pages 363-371
    6. P. J. Hanson, S. E. Lindberg, T. A. Tabberer, J. G. Owens, K.-H Kim
      Pages 373-382
    7. J. L. Guentzel, W. M. Landing, G. A. Gill, C. D. Pollman
      Pages 393-402
  6. Mercury Dynamics in Watersheds

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 403-403
    2. Vincent L. St.Louis, John W. M. Rudd, Carol A. Kelly, Leonard A. Barrie
      Pages 405-414

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assessment biosphere chemistry environment geochemistry health human health transport

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