Forces in Scanning Probe Methods

  • H. J. Güntherodt
  • D. Anselmetti
  • E. Meyer

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSE, volume 286)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Introduction to Scanning Probe Methods

  3. Instrumentation

    1. Othmar Marti, Jaime Colchero
      Pages 15-34
    2. H. J. Hug, A. Moser, O. Fritz, B. Stiefel, I. Parashikov
      Pages 35-62
    3. Charles F. Draper, David M. Schaefer, Richard J. Colton, Steven M. Hues
      Pages 85-90
    4. A. Keaton, J. F. Holzrichter, R. Balhorn, W. J. Siekhaus
      Pages 91-97
    5. L. McDonnell, M. Phelan, E. M. Cashell
      Pages 99-104
    6. Takahito Inoue, Mark J. Jeffery, Hiroshi Yokoyama
      Pages 113-118
    7. A. Kulik, C. Wüthrich, G. Gremaud, G. A. D. Briggs
      Pages 119-122
    8. J. K. Gimzewski, Ch. Gerber, E. Meyer, R. R. Schlittler
      Pages 123-131
  4. Theory

    1. S. Ciraci
      Pages 133-147
    2. A. Buldum, S. Ciraci, Ş. Erkoç
      Pages 149-155
    3. A. L. Shluger, A. L. Rohl, D. H. Gay, R. T. Williams
      Pages 169-174
    4. J. A. Harrison, S. B. Sinnott, C. T. White, D. W. Brenner, R. J. Colton
      Pages 175-181
    5. Christian Girard, Michel Devel, Alain Dereux, Christian Joachim
      Pages 183-189
  5. Metallic Adhesion

    1. U. Dürig
      Pages 191-234
  6. Photons

  7. Friction

    1. J.-M. Georges, A. Tonck, D. Mazuyer
      Pages 263-271
    2. K. Dransfeld, Li-Jie
      Pages 273-283
    3. E. Meyer, R. Lüthi, L. Howald, H.-J. Güntherodt
      Pages 285-306
    4. R. M. Overney, H. Takano, M. Fujihira, G. Overney, W. Paulus, H. Ringsdorf
      Pages 307-312
    5. S. Fujisawa, E. Kishi, Y. Sugawara, S. Morita
      Pages 313-318
    6. M. Labardi, M. Allegrini, C. Ascoli, C. Frediani, M. Salerno
      Pages 319-324
    7. J. Burger, M. Binggeli, R. Christoph, H. E. Hintermann, O. Marti
      Pages 325-330
    8. Makoto Motomatsu, Wataru Mizutani, Heng-Yong Nie, Hiroshi Tokumoto
      Pages 331-336
    9. D. Frank Ogletree, Jun Hu, Xu-dong Xiao, Carmen Morant, Qing Dai, Rudiger Vollmer et al.
      Pages 337-344
    10. J. Colchero, O. Marti, J. Mlynek
      Pages 345-352
  8. Nano and Micromechanics

  9. Magnetic Storage and Magnetic Forces

    1. P. Grütter
      Pages 447-470
    2. S. Porthun, M. Rührig, J. C. Lodder
      Pages 471-476
  10. Applications

    1. J. Ackermann, N. Angert, S. Grafström, T. Hagen, M. Neitzert, R. Neumann et al.
      Pages 489-494
    2. Y. Sugawara, S. Morita, Y. Fukano, T. Uchihashi, T. Okusako, A. Chayahara et al.
      Pages 501-506
    3. Y. Sugawara, M. Ohta, K. Hontani, S. Morita, F. Osaka, S. Ohkouchi et al.
      Pages 507-512
    4. Th. Schimmel, R. Kemnitzer, J. Küppers, Ch. Kloc, M. Lux-Steiner
      Pages 513-518
    5. Th. Schimmel, R. Kemnitzer, J. Küppers, Ch. Kloc, M. Lux-Steiner
      Pages 519-524
    6. Th. Schimmel, K. Friemelt, J. Küppers, M. Lux-Steiner
      Pages 525-530

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  • D. Anselmetti
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  • E. Meyer
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  2. 2.Ciba Geigy Ltd.Central Research Services PhysicsBaselSwitzerland

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