Ecology of World Vegetation

  • O. W. Archibold

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About this book


The ecology of world vegetation is described in numer­ all of the drafting and photographic work. They have ous books and journals, but these are usually very spe­ spent many hours on this project and their care and skill cialized in their scope and treatment. This book provides is reflected in the consistently high quality of the illus­ a synthesis of this literature. A brief introductory chap­ trations throughout the book. Many friends and col­ ter outlines general ecological concepts and subsequent leagues have provided photographs. It has not been chapters examine the form and function of the major possible to include all of them, but the 'global' perspect­ biomes of the world. A similar organization has been ive of the book has been greatly enhanced in this way. used for each biome type. These chapters begin with a I wish to thank them all for the time and trouble they description of environmental conditions and a brief have taken to supply this material. I must also thank account of floristic diversity in a regional context. The Mary Dykes and the staff of the interlibrary loans de­ remaining pages describe characteristic adaptations and partment of the Library, University of Saskatchewan, ecosystem processes. for their unfailing ability to get even the most obscure Although there is a rapidly growing literature on eco­ references.


biome ecology ecosystem environment vegetation wetland

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