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  3. Medieval Popular Literature

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About this book


The studies contained in this volume arose over the last thirty years. Originally the range of the materials I intended to include in my selection was very much wider. Publishing difficulties, however, have obliged me to curtail them to something less than half the planned content. At first I intended to include all the studies I supposed might be of interest to readers and represent contributi­ ons still of some significance for research in this domain of Oriental scholarship. When the necessity arose to limit the contents I gave preference to the standpoint of thematic completeness rather than to what would be of interest to the general reader. Thus in this volume I have confined myself to two them­ atic fields only-Old Chinese literature and studies dealing with mediaeval storytellers' productions-hua-pen. I have excluded the whole complex of historical studies and all studies relating to the new literature. I am now preparing, on the principal historical theme on which I was engaged already in the period of my studies in Prague under Prof. J. Bidlo, and then in 1928 till 1930, with Prof. B. Karlgren in Sweden and Prof. G. Haloun in Halle, in Germany, a more compendious study in which I hope to sum up the results of my research, and I also intend to publish a volume of selected studies dealing with the New Chinese literature at some later date.


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