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Search for Gods

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  7. Vincent Vycinas
    Pages 141-181
  8. Vincent Vycinas
    Pages 182-234
  9. Vincent Vycinas
    Pages 235-257
  10. Vincent Vycinas
    Pages 258-284
  11. Vincent Vycinas
    Pages 285-286

About this book


In the unequaled and majestic contemporary technological phase of our cultural development, where democratic liberties and the means of well­ being are accessible to everyone; man is unsatisfied, insecure, rebellious, confused and lost. More than ever before he seems to lack the sureness of his way in life. The abundance of theories, doctrines and various philosophical, social or religious systems and moral teachings fails to provide the individual today with any clarity whatsoever. Lacking this, he turns to peripheral events, to sensational occurrences; he turns his attention to more and to glaring new models of technological products. more new things, mostly Acquiring a great multitude of these and various other things, he seems to stress his own importance, thus making an inquiry in its fundamental validity superfluous. In this way he escapes the search of his very own mission; he betrays the superior powers which demand from him his existential contribution in finding his ideals and outlining the way of his life.


Christianity enthusiasm ethics freedom philosophy

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