Urban Air Quality: Measurement, Modelling and Management

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Urban Air Quality: Measurement, Modelling and Management Held at the Computer Science School of the Technical University of Madrid 3–5 March 1999

  • Ranjeet S. Sokhi
  • Roberto San José
  • Nicolas Moussiopoulos
  • Ruwim Berkowicz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. M. E. Gonzalez Gomez, R. Howard-Hildige, J. J. Leahy, T. O’Reilly, B. Supple, M. Malone
    Pages 13-20
  3. Clemens Mensink
    Pages 31-39
  4. Diamando Vlachogiannis, Spyros Andronopoulos, Artemis Passamichali, Nikos Gounaris, John G. Bartzis
    Pages 41-48
  5. M. R. Ashmore, K. Batty, F. Machin, J. Gulliver, A. Grossinho, P. Elliott et al.
    Pages 49-57
  6. Norbert Gonzalez-Flesca, Matthew S. Bates, Veronique Delmas, Vincenzo Cocheo
    Pages 59-67
  7. R. A. Almbauer, M. Piringer, K. Baumann, D. Oettl, P. J. Sturm
    Pages 79-87
  8. Matthew S. Bates, Norbert Gonzalez-Flesca, Ranjeet Sokhi, Vincenzo Cocheo
    Pages 89-97
  9. P. A. Bragatto, S. Cordiner, M. Feola, L. Lepore, D. Sacco, I. Ventrone
    Pages 99-107
  10. A. Gobiet, D. Baumgartner, T. Krobath, R. Maderbacher, E. Putz
    Pages 119-127
  11. V. Vađić, J. Hršak, N. Kalinić, M. Čačković, K. Šega
    Pages 147-153
  12. Eva Leotz-Gartziandia, Véronique Tatry, Patrick Carlier
    Pages 155-163
  13. Franco Lucarelli, Pier Andrea Mandò, Silvia Nava, Marina Valerio, Paolo Prati, Alessandro Zucchiatti
    Pages 165-173
  14. N. Pomeroy, D. Webber, C. Murphy
    Pages 175-180
  15. A. Corti, D. Contini, G. Manfrida, L. Procino
    Pages 191-199
  16. R. W. Macdonald, B. J. Coulson, P. R. Slawson
    Pages 231-238
  17. Michael Schatzmann, Bernd Leitl, Joachim Liedtke
    Pages 249-257
  18. Ruwim Berkowicz
    Pages 259-267
  19. Josef Brechler
    Pages 269-276
  20. Mikko Kolehmainen, Hannu Martikainen, Teri Hiltunen, Juhani Ruuskanen
    Pages 277-286
  21. C.-J. Lenz, F. Müller, K. H. Schlünzen
    Pages 287-295
  22. A. Pelliccioni, U. Poli
    Pages 297-304
  23. Peter Sahm, Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Jann Janssen
    Pages 305-312
  24. Ruwim Berkowicz
    Pages 323-331
  25. Paul S. Addison, John I. Currie, David J. Low, Joanna M. McCann
    Pages 333-342
  26. Miroslav Jicha, Jiri Pospisil, Jaroslav Katolicky
    Pages 343-351
  27. Petra Kastner-Klein, Evgeni Fedorovich, Jean-François Sini, Patrice G. Mestayer
    Pages 353-361
  28. Jaakko Kukkonen, Esko Valkonen, Jari Walden, Tarja Koskentalo, Ari Karppinen, Ruwim Berkowicz et al.
    Pages 371-379
  29. Achim Lohmeyer, Wolfgang Baechlin, Matthias Ketzel
    Pages 381-387
  30. Morten Nielsen
    Pages 389-396
  31. Francisco Ferreira, Hugo Tente, Pedro Torres, Sérgio Cardoso, José M. Palma-Oliveira
    Pages 443-450

About this book


Since the first international conference on urban air quality, held at the University ofHertfordshire in 1996, significant advances have taken place in the field of urban air pollution. In addition to the scientific advances in the measurement, modelling and management of urban air quality, significant progress has been achieved in relation to the establishment of major frameworks to ensure a more effective mechanism for international collaboration. Two such frameworks are SATURN (Studying Atmospheric Pollution in Urban Areas) and TRAPOS (Optimisation of Modelling Methods for Traffic Pollution in Streets). In response to such advances, the second international conference was held at the Technical University of Madrid in March 1999 with active participation of SATURN and TRAPOS investigators. The organisation of the conference was headed by the Institute of Physics in collaboration with the Technical University of Madrid and the University of Hertfordshire. The support of IUAPPA and AWMA ensured a truly worldwide promotion and participation. The meeting attracted 140 scientists from 26 different countries establishing it as a major forum for exchanging and discussing the latest research fmdings in this field.


Aerosol Air pollution emissions measurement pollution

Editors and affiliations

  • Ranjeet S. Sokhi
    • 1
  • Roberto San José
    • 2
  • Nicolas Moussiopoulos
    • 3
  • Ruwim Berkowicz
    • 4
  1. 1.Atmospheric Science Research Group (ASRG), Department of Environmental SciencesUniversity of Hertfordshire, College LaneHatfield, HertfordshireUK
  2. 2.Environmental Software and Modelling Group, Computer Science SchoolTechnical University of MadridBoadilla del MonteSpain
  3. 3.Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental EngineeringAristotle UnievrsityThessalonikaGreece
  4. 4.National Environmental Research Institute (NERI)RoskildeDenmark

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